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( Apr. 6th, 2009 09:08 pm)
Pat Quinn, I'm sorry I said you'd never have as much hair as Blago. Thank you for signing that bill. People at work said they'd never seen me so happy. And, as far as being at work goes, I'm pretty sure that's true.

Now I just have to hope I don't get laid off.

And, so I don't spam the crap out of everything...

Holy crap, guys, I wasn't going to watch the new FMA anime but the new Central looks fantastic and it makes me want to reboot some things that were long-since forgotten. Oh, this is the Central it was meant to be! It's all noir and dense and there's more to it than the military, and I don't doubt a bit that it's kind of based on Metropolis, which makes it even cooler. I could live in this Central. Hughes has an apartment. It makes so much more sense for a city.

Also, the gratuitous Hughes scenes made me want to cry. You are so cruel, FMA! Setting him up the same way you set Nina up the first time around. Oh man. And giving him and Gracia an actual relationship. Hughes without the hair gel! Oh, it tickles things that existed only in fanon for me. I missed this world! (Though I did not miss canon!airhead!Hughes a bit. And is it me or are the rooms in this universe incredibly large and sparsely furnished? Also, I can never figure out when Roy is talking, because he sounds so very different... I do think this makes him sound more his proper age, though... Oh, and man, I hope it was the translation because if there were that many puns about ice in the Japanese I'm going to cry.)
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 06:24 pm)
Oh, (comparatively) rare moment of fangirling...

OMG ROY ABOUT FREAKING TIME YES. ...this is so not going to end well. Sometimes I forget why I'm still keeping up with FMA, and then I remember. I didn't even realize how much I was waiting for this.

In other, FMA-related news, I'm convinced that my boss hired OOC!Hughes from old-school [livejournal.com profile] omg_alchemist as our copy clerk. Demeanor, looks, bright purple shirts and everything (he had a seriously Hughes-color shirt yesterday. It was almost brain-breaking). I should try to convince him to go to school for something other than accounting. Flamboyant boys surely don't have any fun being accountants.
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( Apr. 15th, 2008 10:26 pm)
I was going to post a long complainy whiny entry about how work still sucks, and has sucked for two months, and may actually be getting worse... but FMA cheered me up a bit, for approximately three reasons: 1) Jokes regarding Al's pants region 2) Ed's conniving expression and car design 3) Ling! (I am trying to avoid being spoilery.)

Still needs more Mustang-tachi, though.

I seriously need to stop waking up in the morning and wishing for some sort of natural disaster or the zombie apocalypse.
So, I was exceedingly bored tonight, and remembered that maybe I should catch up on the last, like, year of the FMA manga. I'm going to skip the gloating/smirking/grinning about a few things that are in uncanny parallel to ideas I've been toying with/have toyed with (in one case almost a year ago), partially because my ego isn't quite up for that posturing, and also because chapter 79 just gave me something to dance about.

That something is a spoiler, but... )

That said... I'm glad I waited to read this all in one go, because I can see where it would've driven me utterly mad. There isn't nearly enough Mustang-tachi in between things. And Fuery... ahhh. Am I correct in thinking there are only going to be like, 5 or 6 more chapters?
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( Aug. 10th, 2006 09:37 pm)
It's been a while, FMA...

But chapter 62? Specifically the end?

Gwahahahahaha! ♥


♥ ♥ ♥

Plus there was Havoc.

I want a translation. About the only thing that doesn't need a translation right now is "VENGEANCE" which just makes me giggle uncontrollably for five or more reasons. Even things that weren't meant to make me laugh made me laugh in this chapter. Hehehe.
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( May. 10th, 2006 01:18 pm)
Goshdarnit. I finish my book, reload my friendslist and what's there? Hello, chapter 59. Fancy meeting you here.

There's nothing useful behind this cut, though it's vaguely spoileryish )

Edit: I'm allowed to laugh at the wank going down about this chapter being boring, right? Because I am.
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( May. 7th, 2006 08:15 pm)
Well... that was a quick two and a half days.

A long, rather disjointed summary of my ACen '06 lies beneath this cut )

Sadly, I was unable to recruit anyone to friend Pirate!Hughes, mostly on account of not being able to come up with any way to do it other than signs... which are illegal at ACen. Maybe I should randomly post to the forums. I was told that I should cosplay as him next year. Which would be awesome except... um... crossplaying as Hughes. As a pirate. I have this thing where I actually have to pull off looking like the character? And considering I got mistaken for sixteen at least three times at the con, I don't think that'd work... So what I need to do is find someone to con into cosplaying as Pirate!Hughes for ACen '07. It'll be the tenth year. There will be big celebrations. And you will be a pirate for it. You know you want to, random anonymous guy out there (or possibly the Hughes with three outfits from this year. Notice how I asked before I glomped you? That's because I'm a nice person, and I know you want to cosplay as Pirate!Hughes now. Really. People have cosplayed as the recasted!sins and their own fan characters. I think what I need to do for the next year-minus-three-days is make Pirate!Hughes infamous... I'd better get to work.)

P.S. TEN! You are asexual! Stop that!
Now that I've had a chance to read most of them, the fics over at [livejournal.com profile] hughesathon are wonderful. I haven't come across any that I've disliked yet. (Though for some reason, all the Hughes I've been dealing with lately has made me want to write Roy.) So yes... go read, if you feel so inclined. There's backstory (The Hands-On Approach, which [livejournal.com profile] mattador wrote for me. It's wonderful, and even gets properly philosophical), copius amounts of Roy/Hughes (like Preclusion, which is a different sort, and it's got movie spoilers), Chimera!Roy and !Hughes (Out of Hell which, I imagine, is not what you think), Hughesmunculus (done in a different way than I've seen most of the time in Ownership)... not to mention the fluff, and the... gah, I'm bad at reccing and this is starting to sound like the llama song. Explore for yourselves.

I should probably sort out whether I'm going to sit here in front of the computer all night or actually get more work done on all the homework I need to finish this week. It's midterms, so of course my margins are littered with plot outlines rather than useful things like figuring out what I'm going to write for the paper I have due Friday.
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( Mar. 21st, 2006 01:46 pm)
So, I sat down at like, 2:30 last night and tried to get something done on this one longer fic that I'd actually started to work on for the creative writing sample I needed. Unfortunately, that was forever ago, and I realized that I'd forgotten most of what I was going to write. So here... drabble of the one thing that still didn't mind being written, because I needed to write something, even though I still don't like how it came out. But if I don't starting writing and posting now, spring break will pass and I will get nothing done, fic-wise.

Title: Subtle Tribute
Words: 100, natch
Character: Roy. So obviously--
Spoilers: Ep. 25.

And for some reason I will cut this. I'll pretend it's for the spoiler. Yes. )

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( Mar. 11th, 2006 08:27 pm)
All right... I decided that, before I get thoroughly sick of all this speculation on 57, I should get down my own. Unfortunately, being scatterbrained and nuts in addition to being lazy, I'm going to do it in a way that will make it very unlikely that anyone will bother reading it. (Safer that way...) So, here we've got a transcript of everything I dumped on [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart last night... exactly as it was, including the random segue from anime canon and back that had nothing to do with anything, save for Scar and Wrath (who, as far as the rest of the conversation goes, have nothing to do with anything).

Spoilers for EVERYTHING )

Also, it's finally raining! Yay! And by all means, if you get through that, argue with me. I'm bored, and thankfully it'll be thinking that doesn't involve the incestuous themes in Chateaubriand's René.

P.S. [9:16] You know... to keep myself from making like, fifty billion entries today, I have one more thing to ask. It has come to my attention that once upon a time I owned the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? cassette. Every once in a while, I tear my house apart looking for it, but I'm never successful. It's such an important part of my early life that nostalgia commands that I find at least the music. Anyone happen to have it handy? Or not-so-handy, but know where to find it? It started with Capital, and ended with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And in the middle, there were songs that were not all Rockapella, but were also quite good (like Brian Dewan's The Violin). And all the copies I can find are not only CD-format, but freaking expensive. This makes me sad. This is kind of like the situation with my Fight the Future soundtrack, which disappeared after I discovered years later that I actually liked most of the artists on it (though that one's way easier to replace). Sigh.
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( Mar. 9th, 2006 12:42 pm)
I was going to write about this morning (which, on the scheme of things, is far more important than this). But I feel compelled to do a bit of shouting about FMA 57.

See, it was all the usual words words words I can't understand, talking talking hmm, I really want a translation oh look, tiny bit of flashback but this is not enough to satisfy me!. Then... then... OMGWTF.

And that is all I have to say on that. Just... omgwtf. Double-yoo tee freaking eff. That's pretty. And plotty. Am I a bad person for thinking that is a beautiful thing? Because omgsquee the character development that must come of this. Backstory! Plot! Character development! Ahh!

I think I'll give myself a few minutes to dwell on this. Ahhh, I want to see where this is going so badly now. (Also, Ran Fan is very pretty. And wtf Gluttony! AHH! And aww, that's sort of cute, in an an incredibly-disurbing-when-you-think-about-it sort of way.)

... I think if I really concentrate I might be able to pull off talking about what I really should be talking about, though. Because I finally, finally declared as an English major. I got up at ten this morning, printed out my Civ paper and the form I needed to finish before the end of this quarter for English majordom... filled it out, and went to campus. I turned my paper in at 11:30, then headed to the English office, where I sort of stood around looking lost for a minute before I got up the courage to hunt down a secretary and figure out who I was supposed to talk to. Then I still talked to the wrong person, but there were two people in the room and the secretary-type didn't really point out which one. And then it took like, two minutes... and now I'm officially an English major. Then I talked to my advisor so I'd be official in the system. And that was that. I went to lunch at noon. But... um... well, hey, I have a major now! Officially-like. Yay!

But dude... FMA 57. WTF! My money's on it having to do with the homunculi... if it weren't for the scarring, I'd say it was recent, while she was being held hostage. But... well, I dunno, maybe it's healing over. I refuse to believe this sekrit alchemist thing. I'll come up with a better theory when there's a translation. WTF!

P.S. Hey, [livejournal.com profile] solitaryjane, looks like my handwriting approximations weren't far off. She does use loopy letters.
So... tonight I sort of sat down and, in attempt to find things to send in for the creative writing classes, went through all my old Word files. This is something I should never do. I have so many fics and unfinished stories and just... total BS laying around that it's amazing. So, I sent in the start of my Nano this year (which I never even got close to finishing). And I actually continued my random strange fake Film Noir thing and sent it in, because the fake almost-purple prose amused me. Both of them were... a lot more airy and less dialog-y than I usually write, but they'll do. Hopefully they'll get me into the class, since I discovered that I can't take Beginning Fiction since I tooke Screenwriting (and that is indeed a creative writing class).

Anyway... before I buckle down to finish up my reading for tomorrow, here's some reading for you, if you're bored.

This one is a random mangaverse fic set around chapter 55 and having to do with Pride, which centers on Roy. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to writing the other section or not, but I stumbled across it while I was going through things and realized that I didn't totally hate it, so there it is. (It's creepy and evil, though.)

Then there's this random Suefic parody that I started and know I will never finish... but at points it's vaguely witty and the part I quoted at [livejournal.com profile] foxwindshadow made her giggle, so I'll share the whole thing.

And finally... my bizarre fake film-noir. Just because it's weird. I don't think I could go beyond that part there, but it'll do. I love bad metaphors ever-so-very-much sometimes. "Detached avian semaphors"... hehehe. Omg, it's almost three. I promise I wouldn't be quoting myself otherwise.

And, the worst part about all of this is that I somehow re-bunnied myself for a lot of the longer fics I'd left unfinished. Maybe someday I will finish Which is Home. (Hahahaha.) Or maybe I'll pick up the Death Note Crossover again because oh, the fight scene still itches at me like very little else. Or maybe I'll stop half-writing so many freaking FMA fics and do something I can turn in for freaking creative writing classes so I don't have to stare at a whole bunch of them going "oh, but the soul is just gone when you change the names! [emo-emo-emo]" Except no... that's never going to happen. I mean, I've got bunnies for... well, about everything at this point. Is it bad that I hate my writing less when I look back on it a month later? I hate it so much when I first write it... then when I finally get around to looking at it again, I don't mind it so much. Unless, of course, it really sucked in the first place. I'm certainly not saying finding my first... erm... not-quite-fic-but-definitely-with-Sues-and-character-rape... thing wasn't embarrassing. I think I owe BNL, TMBG, and Moxy Früvous a hearty apology for that thing. And also [livejournal.com profile] antipixie, [livejournal.com profile] chocolatemoose, and one of my high school friends. And, if I have the chance, I think I'll also go back in time and have myself apologize to me, too, since I somehow managed to rape my own character. (Of course, I still can't write myself. But at least I'm aware of it.)

Right... less messing around, more homework. Go!
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( Feb. 9th, 2006 07:09 pm)
Dear Japanese,

Kindly make it so I can understand you.


FMA 56, hee! (And now I delete it from this computer before my roomie stumbles across the fanservice and doesn't go any farther, labelling me as... even weirder than she thinks I am. Especially after the myriad fits I've thrown today.) But yay anyway! I can't wait for it to make sense! (Because... ahh... things happened that I cannot understand, and we're about to go off on what will probably be the second half of things, and I want to know whyyyy.) Thank you, FMA, for cheering me up a bit today. Because holy crap otherwise, world... I said finals week. Not day-before-suicide-prevention day. Way to ruin my weekend (that was already icky because, no matter how I'm feeling, I've got two papers and a load of research that needs to be done by Wednesday of next week). But at least I've kept my emo mostly to myself. I don't know why I think that's noble, but it sort of is. Nya.

(Oh, and should you venture into the comments, there will doubtless be spoilers for chapter 56. You've been warned.)
I think I can blame the CUSA show for preventing me from noticing the first scanlation of chapter 55 (and I trust zomgfta more anyway)... so, anyway, I finally got around to reading it. And first on my mind... Hooray for Arakawa's ability to follow these recent wtf chapters with one that makes sense and still makes me anxious for next month.

In which there are spoilers )
I'm actually too lazy to get my laptop out right now. I guess it's related to the fact that this computer has a functioning keyboard... which wasn't normal with the old one. I should remember to sign on from the laptop to at least post my airport entries, though. They're far, far shorter than the usual ones since I did so much running around between flights.

It's so nice to be home. Even though I didn't manage to turn in the paper to become a HIPS major before I left. I guess I'll pretend it was because I wanted to wait for my grades to be in. I managed a B in French! I'm sort of shocked, but I'll be quite happy with it (though, technically, it does bring my GPA down... but not nearly as much as a C would).

I miss my good internet connection. It takes me like, an hour to check my friends page now. And I don't get to poke at it all day anymore, since my sister's almost always on here. (She's out with people right now, which is how I've had this long enough to check my flist at all). There's not going to be anything for me to do during the day until Wednesday, when I start work again. And the shifts are 9-6 now, since it's winter. That's going to be brutal, but at least I get an hour-long break. Hopefully it won't be an hour-long break at like, 11. (Which is, sadly, what tends to happen.)

So, now that I've had most of a day to think about this... ridiculousness with chapter 54... I've come to several baseless and pretty useless conclusions. In fact, they're probably not even conclusions. Words. I have some words on 54. And now I'll write them.

Spoilers for FMA 54, and don't you dare spoil yourself! )
Today I used bittorrent for something legal.

I also actually wrote a fic. Actually sat down and finished the goshdarned darts story that I've been holding off on because of technicalities for... oh, months now. Two nearly impossible things in one day! I think I'll have to have breakfast tomorrow at Milliways.

So, the short of it is: Roy and Hughes meet at the academy. I play around with AU and timelines a bit. Probably break the rules of thermodynamics and darts for 4,930 words. For once it doesn't spoil anything. In fact it's just... sort of there as an experiment in backstory. There are parts that are more amusing if you know FMA, but that doesn't mean you can't read it anyway. I crave concrit, darnit! And I imagine a lot can be given, because I haven't even re-read it in its entirety, and I imagine my style of dialog changed between when I started writing and when I finished.

Title: Darts (Because I am inherently non-creative when it comes to titles)
Rating: G
Genre: pre-series genfic, semi-AU because of timeline problems
Characters: As if you'd expect anything from me that didn't involve Roy and Hughes

( And the fake cut's here )

And with that... I should go do my French homework. And then get some sleep.

But omg, I wrote something! Maybe this means I'm almost over my writer's block!
Omg... Umm... I kinda wish I could read Japanese. Though it's sort of fun to just gape at the chapter first and not know what it's saying. It's like getting to read it for the first time twice!

But... omg. Just... omg. So much plot movement, yet very little at all and omg... it's heartless that it only comes out once a month, I swear it is.

[livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart (and anyone else who doesn't want to download the zip, I guess), if it's easier on you, I've got the chapter here, though it's harder to read in preview than photobucket, at least it doesn't resize the crap out of everything. Hehehe.

Gah. FMA, why do you do this to me? I'll just say I'm very dead for now, and wait to yell and scream until the translation appears. Omg.
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( Oct. 4th, 2005 06:52 pm)
So like, I was sitting in class today doodling Hughes in the margins and not paying attention because like, who pays attention to class when you could be thinking about FMA? But I had to keep looking up and yelling "omg, FMA, where?" every time the professor said "transmutation of species" or "theory of homunculi." This is even better than last year in Physics when we discovered that F=ma! It's like, omg, FMA is real. Because, like, the truth about "evolution" is that there are tiny homunculi in the sperm¹, and when they're in the womb they soak up this fluid and unfold! So, obviously if you didn't put them in the mother, and just gave them food and water, they'd grow up into a real homunculus! I need to find a guy with sperm so we can try to grow Envy, and then I can love him every day and teach him to be nice! Oh! And did you know that a long time ago alchemy was real??

Arrrgh, fangirls. (No, I'm just kidding around, I'm not that bitter). You guys are just lucky that I'm not actually a fourteen year-old girl (or someone with the same vocal obsessive tendencies) because my Origin of Species professor's favourite verb is "transmute." And... well, I did spend an inordinate amount of time in class today tracing out what, exactly, the moral of my story would be if it had the semi-happy ending I was going to give it (which, amazingly, fell apart as soon as I applied logic to it, so no more completely happy ending). And Hughes was doodled in my margins... but it was Hughesmunculus, and really only the eyes and hair (because I can't draw, and I had to take a lot of notes). I am such a dork. I'm sorry. Though I think I've realized that the massive amount of theory piled on you here, in lieu of actual facts, is probably what drives me to write a lot while I'm in school. As I read over the things I've written, a lot of them are really a way of working out how to look at all these theories I'm given in a different setting. Probably the strangest use for fic ever, but hey... I can't deny that I wrote Plato's ideal city as the basis for Konoha. And I'm going to be writing stuff from Lyell into the fic I'm picking up again. Apparently this is just how I work.

All right... back to French homework with me. Arr.²

¹ Yes... the theory of development called "evolution" deals with homunculi (tiny, pre-formed beings), while "epigenesis" says they develop bit by bit (you get the tiny beating heart of a chick before it's actually a chick). How's that for confusion of terms? Oh, and evolution does not necessarily say that the filament containing the homunculus is in the sperm (there were a few that believed it to be in the egg, which they couldn't find until 1832 anyway), but for the most part these guys were male, and so naturally they took credit for creating life.³
² Actually, I'm not doing my French homework. Instead, I'm editing the crap out of this because I'm not in the mood for French right now at all, and I'm dreading the fact that I'm going to have another pile of reading tomorrow night. Oh crap, and I've got a quiz in French tomorrow, too. Crap. Crap. Fine, I'll go do my homework before my battery runs out and I have to go back into the living room where it's noisy.
³ This post is now informational as well as obnoxious!
So... I don't know how [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart managed not to watch the movie until I made it over to her house at 8:30 tonight, but I'm forever grateful that I didn't have to go through that in the dark alone. Whoa. There were some great parts, and parts that made me squee and fangirl, and many, many parts that just made us both go "wtf." (Yes, "WTF" was spoken aloud. In letter form. Mostly by me). By the second part I think most of us were reduced to incoherence. In fact, I think after the one scene in the car with the monocle we were pretty much done for. (Best scene ever!) I'll pass a real judgement on the whole thing when there's an actual sub that I have edited because oh I want to like whoa now... hopefully no one else will feel like doing an entire movie and I can just jump in and go "OMG ME!!" I don't imagine anyone but Yey will do the sub yet though, considering the quality of the raw. I can wait now, though. There are mountains of spoilers and review posts I can go back to now. Yaaaay!

And I can't talk more about this without spoiling things, so here goes. )

So... there you have it. My disjointed thoughts on the movie. Whoa.


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