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( May. 18th, 2008 07:10 pm)
This weekend went waaaaay too quickly. Sparing you the gorier details of transit and hotel dumbitude, it was fun! I realized at some point on Thursday, perhaps, that this was my fifth ACen. Fifth! How much of an otaku do I seem?

I spent almost all weekend behind [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart's art table, which was just as fun as it was last year (people come to me! I talk to them! It fixes most of what I didn't like about the whole con thing all in one fell swoop). And, remarkably, even at the times that I was at the table alone, I didn't have to deal with any of those really incredibly talkative awkward people. Just brief awkward conversations, and a few actual good ones.

The only actual panel I attended was the Power Rangers panel. And, er... yeeeah. I was only there for about ten minutes, but it was surreal on a really crazy level. I wanted to be a Power Ranger. So badly. And then, at 23... in the same room with three of them (and Lord Zed). So weird! And fantastic.

Oh! And I wore my Kaylee costume again on Saturday, because I fiiiiinally found a good shirt for it. And, and it must've been fate, because I also had the hair right until about noon on Saturday when I went outside and the wind uncurled all of it. I wish the only picture I had of myself in it wasn't blurry and taken in a mirror. If nothing surfaces (and likely nothing will, except from sketchy, because there were only about four people who took my picture because, you know... sci-fi at an anime con and all), I'll post the blurry one. Because I was all proud of how it looked.

Other than food, my only purchase at the con was a pair of papou fruit earrings because they were just that cute. I haven't even played Kingdom Hearts, and have no desire to, but the earrings? Yay!

And since this entry is so brief and detailless, if you want me to tell you a story, ask! If I don't have an appropriate story, I'll make one up.
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( May. 15th, 2008 11:46 pm)
Still contemplating skipping work tomorrow (though I know I won't). My hour or so of ACenery tonight, which involved lots of random, some attempting to be useful, and checking into a hotel, was enough to remind me just how much I miss being around geekery all the time. Oh, I miss it. Work is going to be so hard to go to tomorrow, knowing there are people nerding it up out in Rosemont without me (until 7 or so, when I can get back up there).

Also, I'm officially gone until Sunday. Woohoo!
It's less than a week until ACen. I still have not come up with a costume idea, and... actually, I'm pretty sure my box of costumes is still in Ohio. Anyone have any suggestions that don't involve a lot of work and, preferably, don't involve me parading around in a leotard like I have the last... four years... yeah.
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( May. 14th, 2007 01:48 pm)
Actually, I lied. ACen pictures are up now. There aren't many, because a lot of them didn't turn out well (I'm sorry, I'm picky!), and most of these will probably get taken down within the week, but it gives a small idea of the con. Kind of. Okay, it gives a very small idea of the con, mostly from the art table. But now you know exactly where we were. (There are also a couple (meaning two) of interesting ACen pictures here, because I kind of dared him to come people-watch.)

And, as of 11 tonight, there are a few more. Because.
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( May. 14th, 2007 12:27 pm)
I think today is another lesson in realizing how tired I am. I think I slept for at least ten hours, not counting the nap I took almost as soon as I got back last night. ACen was fun, especially Saturday once I felt better (Thursday and Friday I felt kind of like crap, from stress and being slightly sick). Unfortunately, I don't really have any amazing stories to regale everyone with... I got glomped more than I did last year, which was good (though part of it was one girl that I ran into in McDonald's, and continued to run into all the time through the night). I actually braved the soap bubble which was... weird. I'll leave it at that. Working the art table was fun, as usual... we sold a lot of buttons and stickers, which means I kept pretty busy. (Busy enough, at least, that I mostly managed not to dwell on the ten-page paper I have due this Thursday morning). And hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart's friends was fun... my usual groups just kind of involve wandering, and skip on the random midnight battles when the Spoony Bards start playing battle music.

In other news... the apartment search continues this Wednesday. One of the places I'm seeing is going to be shown to me by someone who doesn't speak a word of English, which ought to be... an experience. I think this is the point where I have to officially acknowledge that I should probably learn at least a little bit of Spanish (I wouldn't even consider going, being as shy as I am in bizarre awkward situations like that, but I think it'll be fun. Most of the situations involving mutual incomprehensibility I run into here are the result of people just being airheaded... and the apartment looks like a really good deal).

I'm thinking that the best way for me to reduce my horrible anxiety over being able to get an apartment is to get a part-time job between now and the end of the month. I'm also working on my resume and stuff tonight so I can actually apply to places that don't pay minimum wage. There's a job as an audio-visual tech at the Art Institute that I would dance circles for weeks straight if I got. My chances aren't great, but I am mostly qualified, so we'll see how it goes, I suppose.

Oh, and eventually there may be ACen pictures... I just have to work on getting them off of my camera, and cleaning them up, and... stuff.
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( Apr. 30th, 2007 02:34 am)
Editing! All that's left is editing! Suuure, it's an hour and a half later than I planned to finish, but whatever. (It's also 47 pages now. And the plot kind of hangs together maybe. I still wouldn't want anyone I actually like to have to read it, though.)

Also, I spent entirely too much time tonight trying to find an appropriate mechanic's jumpsuit. What do you suppose the stigma would be for cosplaying a character from Firefly at ACen? As much as I like Winry and Psiren, I think I've kind of worn those costumes out (all right, I'll probably still do Psiren because I didn't get that one right until last year, but still). Non-anime characters are frowned upon, but Kaylee is so cute. And I'll mostly just be hanging out at [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart's art table anyway, soooo... surely people wouldn't be that mean to me for not being a proper anime geek anymore... Right? (I suck at anime geekery! Ahh!)

At least this year I resolve to be more unabashed about my picture-taking. Because this is probably my last ACen. Fweee.
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( May. 7th, 2006 08:15 pm)
Well... that was a quick two and a half days.

A long, rather disjointed summary of my ACen '06 lies beneath this cut )

Sadly, I was unable to recruit anyone to friend Pirate!Hughes, mostly on account of not being able to come up with any way to do it other than signs... which are illegal at ACen. Maybe I should randomly post to the forums. I was told that I should cosplay as him next year. Which would be awesome except... um... crossplaying as Hughes. As a pirate. I have this thing where I actually have to pull off looking like the character? And considering I got mistaken for sixteen at least three times at the con, I don't think that'd work... So what I need to do is find someone to con into cosplaying as Pirate!Hughes for ACen '07. It'll be the tenth year. There will be big celebrations. And you will be a pirate for it. You know you want to, random anonymous guy out there (or possibly the Hughes with three outfits from this year. Notice how I asked before I glomped you? That's because I'm a nice person, and I know you want to cosplay as Pirate!Hughes now. Really. People have cosplayed as the recasted!sins and their own fan characters. I think what I need to do for the next year-minus-three-days is make Pirate!Hughes infamous... I'd better get to work.)

P.S. TEN! You are asexual! Stop that!
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( May. 5th, 2006 01:32 pm)
Everyone else is finishing up their semester... I'm taking my mid-quarter (and very much needed) ACen break. I'm leaving in an hour, woo! Today has been weird, because I actually participated in one of my discussions (well, I was sort of forced, but I said more than I needed to). You must be able to tell that I'm generally happier today. I usually smile at people on the street, even when I'm not feeling great because... I'm a weird, overly-polite Ohio girl like that. Today, people actually said hi, or smiled back. A sign, I say! (Also, I've always had weird experiences smiling at the security guy/doorman at the building next door. I always do, because you're not supposed to walk through their little driveway there and it helps to be friendly, but I've been trapped in weird conversations that way. Today, though, I smiled at the guy (I think he's newish, I haven't seen him much), but he didn't smile back. Then, as I passed, he knocked on the opposite window and waved. I guess he didn't see me in time... and then felt the need to make sure I saw that he was being friendly. Hehehe.)

So... since internet is not free at the hotel (as far as I remember), this will be my last entry until Sunday. Except, you know, there will probably be weird voice posts. I apologize in advance for those. And, on that note, I will leave you with another random poll. (Oh, and because more than one person said to, I did check the fridge. It was, sadly, devoid of wrenches.)

[Poll #723193]

Rosemont, here I come! And, if you happen to be passing through, harass Psiren on Saturday (if I get the mask right and actually do it again). Yay!
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( May. 4th, 2006 08:52 pm)
[Poll #722711]

I cannot be Winry without my wrench! But it's not in any of my drawers, or my nice "I won't need anything in here until spring, if at all ever" box. Nor my costume box. Really, about the only thing I haven't done is torn up the carpet or lifted the couches and coffee table. Or checked the kitchen. Something tells me it's at home. Crap. Anyone have a spare adjustable wrench? ([livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart, you are love. I was gonna have my mom hunt ours down and deliver it to you or something, because the idea of her showing up at your house at near-to-midnight with a wrench in hand was amusing. Same effect for me, though!)

(This sort of worrying is so much preferable to class-type worrying. I have no idea how I pulled off two one-page responses, a two-page paper on a line in King Lear, and an extra 500 words of fiction in about three hours today. On four hours of sleep. Ow.)

P.S. It's not fair to remind me of any fake birthdays I may have assigned to today. Unless facebook told you, I guess. Then it's fine. Or at least better.
Really, I could have started this whole thing Thursday, what with emergency trips in the rain down 55th street to the tailors to get slits cut in the side of Mr Vash-san's coat. But that was about all that happened, anyway. Friday... the big departure day. And what a day it was!

Getting to the Con! An adventure in and of itself... )
Finally at the Con, Adjusting. Taking Pictures. )
Friday Evening sees J-Rock, DDR, and weird weird anime. )

And on to Saturday! Which I will write sometime tomorrow, because I am totally going to bed now.


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