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( Aug. 19th, 2009 09:19 pm)
Let me preface this by saying there are approximately three things that creep me out, bug-wise. Centipedes, poisonous spiders, and maggots in garbage (outside of garbage, I don't much care).


That thing had better have been acting alone, and it had better not have laid ANY eggs in ANY of my stuff because EW EW EW EW EW cockroaches are supposed to happen to dirty people, and are not supposed to exist in my own personal space EW!

I mean, I'm weird. I'll admit the things are actually kind of cute with their long antennae and swishiness... when they are somebody else's business. I'm going to sit here and hope the cretin crawled up out of my toilet or something (which is plausible, considering our water was turned off for "maintenance" and all the pipes were utterly emptied for a while, and who knows what goes on in old musty basements around here, bug-wise, and who knows what the "maintenance" really was).

The scene itself was pretty embarrassing, to the point that I just want to write it down and forget about it. I went into the bathroom after work for the usual reasons, and after I sat down, spotted a brown insectoid creature calmly waving its little antennae at me. And I went... "... Ew." and fussed around for a while trying to decide the best way to deal with it, which involved far more nancing around on my tiptoes than is strictly respectable; then I went into the kitchen and got one of my containers and literally chased it around the bathroom, afraid to come even close to touching the thing (and I'm generally kind of tough around bugs. I rescue silverfish and take them outside. I put spiders in cups and release them elsewhere). I eventually turned the shower on and tried to trick it into dousing itself in water, which it did, but this didn't even slow the lousy thing down and I was still chasing it, and dousing my own self in water in the process, which I'm sure it was laughing about, and the thing was freaking doing backstrokes down the bottom of my tub when I finally gave in and just threw the container over it, got an old bank statement, and trapped it. And so now it's in a sealed container, in my trash can, and I'm kind of trying to feel bad about just letting it suffocate to death, but I know it's probably going to live anyway because the things are basically indestructible. (Which is really why I didn't just step on it. I didn't want to deal with bug-mess and a wily, zombie-like roach.) I've probably just packaged it up with a tasty snack of whatever was on the inside of the container, and soon enough it'll be liberated inside of a garbage truck and basically in roach heaven. I've probably done the thing a favor.

Which is why I hope it takes that into account and doesn't ever come back. Or bring any of its friends. If word gets out, I might end up being kind of a half-way house on the way to roach heaven. I don't want that.

Either way, I'm closing the lid on my toilet tonight. And maybe taping it shut.

Which will not be good for me in the morning.

I'm not sure if I'm creeped out because they're gross, or because their presence is a kind of negative-judgment on my ability to keep things clean, or because they're kind of evolutionarily superior to me, as far as survival goes, and I'm kind of vaguely offended. But to find out that I'm also girlishly weak against them when they're on my own territory... it's just embarrassing. I should at least be able to stare them down all stony-faced and be like "Well, you know what. We have thumbs. And art. So there. Now get out of my freaking bathtub."
A Severe Annoyance: A Play In Three Acts (Also: In Which Evilhippo Loses Several Stare-Downs Against Inanimate Objects)

Act 1 )

Act 2 )

Act 3 )

In conclusion: I have no idea what this thing detects, but if my lease didn't forbid vandalism of alarms, it'd be on my floor in pieces right now. Stupid 12-foot ceilings are stupid and my landlord had better be available to fix it soon.
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( May. 30th, 2009 04:43 pm)
It's taken a bit longer than I wanted, but my new iPod is finally all dressed up and properly mine. Guys, this is my dear little Hester. I'm still debating a screen cover, but rumor is that the new screens are nearly indestructible, and I'm pretty ridiculously careful, so I think I'll wait before I sink another $15 or so into protection. I was a little ambivalent about the skin I got for her, but then I realized the best part about a simple skin is that it's insanely easy to edit the matching background. And so, obviously, I'm much happier now that I've added the scrawly white bits to... um... all five of the backgrounds I tend to rotate through.

In other news... there is nothing going on. I'm thinking of starting some kind of writing group, since I've found that, embarrassingly enough, there's actually a fair bit of writing motivation to be had from fictionalizing my office. It'd probably turn up some interesting stories from people. And, if nothing else, it's practice. Anyone want in/want to help me out?

I've also added "bicycle storage" to my list of impossible apartment demands. I still don't understand why I can't lock my bike in the back like a normal human being (or, for that matter, why they changed the locks on the gate rather than asking for the key back), but at least spring is giving me new motivation to just suck it up and deal with moving again. I don't think I want to sign on for another year of maneuvering my bike up a narrow flight of stairs and stashing it in my kitchen. That, and the stomping from my upstairs neighbor is getting worse. I'm really starting to think it's some kind of passive-aggressive revenge against me, but I cannot figure out what I did to her, other than occasionally play music in my kitchen and sing along. And judging by the acoustics in here, that should only bother my westward neighbors. Maybe my roommate is evil to her when I'm not looking?

Also! The complete lack of things to play on my mandolin lately has brought me to the conclusion that more fandoms need something like Wizard Rock. Unfortunately, these fandoms are going to have to come to me, preferably with mandolin music, because I don't have any right now.
I am really hoping this cold goes away soon. It's been stalking me all week, and finally got bad. I'm sneezing and dripping and groggy and all-around gross. I wish I could stay home from work tomorrow, but alas. I'll just go to bed early and hope for the best. I've got better things to do than be sick. Like finding one of the really old violin stores downtown and hunting for a pitch pipe (in theory this should work because mandolins are tuned the same as violins, and old stores are more likely to carry something as archaic as a pitch pipe). I have one pinned on my iPod now. (I am really enjoying having a functional calendar and mostly-functional map handy.)

I'm getting really worried about my mail lately, though. It's been four days since anything has been in my mailbox, and yesterday all the flyers we usually have stuffed into our boxes were in a pile in the corner of the foyer. I am really hoping that it's just been a dry spell, and our mailperson hasn't just taken a sudden turn towards apathy, because I'm expecting some things still (as a matter of fact, there's one thing that's approximately four days late now). Not counting the bills I'd really like to receive on time so my credit doesn't get ruined any further. It's always something, isn't it?

I've been pleasantly surprised to find how small things get when they're encoded down to iPod size. And, as such, I now have all the episodes of Honey and Clover I didn't finish, and part of Gurren Lagan on my iPod. And some select episodes of Doctor Who. Soon, there will be select episodes of Life on Mars, and my iPod will be nearly full, but happy. I hope. I'm also wondering when my laptop is going to collapse from all the encoding I've been making it do. I'd better not break it, too.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 06:58 pm)
Guys! Guess what I came home to today! My passport, which came in like, three weeks. What the heck government... is this efficiency?! I mean, seriously, what is this, some kind of socialist nation? Or are you just spiting me because I'm not going anywhere? SEEDLINGS! Those are my baaaaaby peas. I also have a few sunflowers poking up in another pot, and a basil sprout that's so small I can't get my camera to focus on it (I'm worried the rest of the basil is a little too deep, but hopefully it'll be tough and come up anyway). This gives me hope that in a few more days, my front-room seeds should be waking up, too. And it also makes me want to go get more seeds. I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday.
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( Feb. 1st, 2009 12:49 pm)
All right, Smoke Alarm. This is your third or fourth strike. The oven being on does not mean a fire, and I'm beginning to resent the fact that everyone in this building must think I'm the worst cook ever. I mean, things don't even smell of burning before you go off. I nearly set a bagel on fire a few years ago without setting an alarm off. I mean, sure, we set the alarm off a bit at my last apartment, too, but there was actual smoke involved. And it wasn't on average once every few weeks.

It looks like you've been there since the 80s. My oven is no spring chicken, either. You'd think I could trust that the two of you would know each other well enough by now to work together, rather than sending me sprinting across the kitchen when my chicken tenders have been in the oven for a mere five minutes. Some of the tortilla chip breading may have fallen off and turned dark brown, but that's hardly a fire. Maybe you just thought it was too hot in here or something. But you'll need to take that up with the radiators, not me.

I appreciate you alerting me to even the slightest pollution of my kitchen air, but I have house plants for that, and... just don't do it again this month, okay? Because I'm jumping when my music changes now thanks to you, and I don't want that to happen again anytime soon.
Today has been one of those "worst day ever" sort of days. It's been raining for three days straight, so it's kind of at the point that everything is annoying as it is. Add to that the landlady drama, and my complete failing tonight to make dinner, and a litany of other, minorish yet nagging problems... let's just say that right now I'm having an emo-fest with angry music and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and hoping my smoke detector doesn't go off again. Rather than complain, though, here are some pictures I took earlier today that made me happy: the Action Figure Party, v 2.0. Once we're more settled in, I'm sure there will be even more variety. (I love our coffee table.)

P.S. I also need to stop obsessively reading the news. I don't think it's helping at all. Any work-safe websites we know of that aren't all doom and economic gloom, and preferably which mention the election as little as possible? Because I need to have some faith in humanity again.
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( Sep. 1st, 2008 08:25 am)
I woke up this morning because there was sunlight in my room. Not directly, because I'm facing north, but right now, lying on my bed borrowing wireless that does not belong to me, I can see the side of another building, and I can see sky. It's rather nice. Except I should be unpacking the disaster that is my dining room. And I should be getting back to my old apartment to pick up my bike and a few other things I left behind. But unfortunately, yesterday was rough in infinity ways and so I kind of don't want to get out of bed lest I discover more bruises than I noticed in the bath last night. (I hate stairs and everything they stand for, and furniture will be forced to serve me for several months to make up for its transgressions.)

For now, that is all, because I'm starting to feel guilty just lying here when I should be doing useful things.

Edit. Ow. Doing useful things hurts. It feels like I'm walking like a pirate today.


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