I tried to write at work today during my lunch break. I'd had Hrunting, Netbook of Rassilon out all weekend, so it was a bit tired, battery-wise. I made it about 200 words before the battery died on me. Tonight when I booted everything back up, this was the last paragraph in my novel:

"We are a moving patrol out upon the bayou. I remember why the Bethesda was lost to us. I fought for her, but she was lost, sunk into the mud and kept from me and my ass"

I believe the last word was supposed to be "assailants," but I'm going to take this as proof that Hrunting has a sense of humor. I could've sworn I got the last of that word in before everything shut down, but I guess not.

Also, yeah, guys I broke down and bought a netbook and I don't regret it at all. It's so nice to have something that I use only for writing. I sit down at my big laptop and it's distraction city, but since all I've done with Hrunting is take out the useless programs that came with it, there's little to no chance for distraction. Also the battery generally lasts me about five hours, which is awesome. (And there's a part of me that's quite happy that I named him Hrunting, because what's cooler than having a writing tool that's a sword? Mighty pen? Psh. I have a sword with a keyboard. I just have to be careful not to get into any fights with Grendel's mother.)
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( Nov. 8th, 2009 10:35 pm)
So, after a weekend of not really writing (and a week of only ever getting writing done while outside of my apartment), I've decided I'm never going to finish NaNo unless I get a netbook.


I also have a lot of other reasons to get a netbook, mostly 1) I want one to play with, 2) I'm pretty sure if I have something small that doesn't weigh like, 20 pounds, I'll actually use it to write under other circumstances, and 3) My current laptop is nearing the end of its reliable lifespan and I plan on building a desktop soon.

However, adding a netbook to my Build a Desktop Plan is kind of... cost-prohibitive, because I'm really not that rich, and knocking more than $300 off of what I was going to spend on a desktop will make a big difference in quality and... also I'm not entirely convinced I won't just kind of forget about it. Plus my current laptop isn't all that dead, so I feel bad semi-replacing it when it's really not even three years old yet. (In fact, I think my laptop sensed that I was thinking of cheating on it with a netbook so it hasn't shut off randomly even once in the last few days. If it can behave for another year or so and I save it the trouble of being lugged around and banged into walls and people, maybe it'd be happier and I won't have to build a desktop until next year.)

So... I guess the question is, is this a terrible idea? And do I really have the self-control and motivation to say to myself "Okay, if I buy this I am going to promise myself that I will produce x number of words per month to make it worth it, even after the cuteness of a laptop small enough to cuddle wears off."

Also, while I'm being questionably sane, the Chicago Tribune is running some ads lately that have made me, once again, want to go back to school for journalism. But I mean, seriously, this is just my strong desire to be like, a comic book/mystery novel type of journalist, where I actually get to run around and investigate and uncover things and generally be awesome. If I worked for the Trib, I suspect I'd be stuck on, like, investigating how they plan to keep the ice from melting at the city ice rinks when the weather randomly decides to be 70 degrees, and my articles would be something like "Yeah guys, they use freon, which is awful if you release it into the atmosphere but it's also what makes your refrigerators run and keeps your cars cool, so you're so not going to care." I wish I could shake the feeling that I've already made my share of irrational decisions that have not served me well (majoring in English with no exit strategy, going to an expensive private university with no exit-strategy). But maybe at this point, the only way out of this rut is by making yet another ill-advised an irrational decision. I certainly don't seem to be making any progress on rational ones. And if I was a journalist I'd also have a great excuse to own a netbook. What I really want, though, is basically a tablet netbook that I could just write in freehand, but I don't think those exist yet.
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( Nov. 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm)
I attended my first and second write-ins today. I have done a lot of weird things, mostly because of the internet, but as far as antisocial activity goes meeting people in a coffee shop to ignore each other and type on laptops is definitely up there. Possibly at the very top. That said, the Hyde Park people were a lot friendlier and we actually did talk for a little while. In the loop's defense, though, that write-in was during business hours and we were all on our lunch breaks (I think)... it just seemed like the twin write-in at the Sears "Willis" Tower had a bit more fun than we did. So I'm jealous.

On the plus side, this enforced antisocial activity actually led to me doubling my word-count today, so yay. Except I'm still almost an entire day behind, and I'm not sure what my characters plan to do from here. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, when I figure out if Charlotte really cut all her hair off and is now hiding out in the brothel pretending to be a eunuch named Charlie, and if Jack built and is piloting the Statue of Liberty with heroic intent.
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 02:14 am)
It's all up here, in my head... probably enough words to get me caught up. But it's... stuck, and doesn't want to come out. I don't know why. I guess I need... the mental equivalent of fiber or something.
So, tonight I found $10 on the sidewalk. I slowed, I stopped, I looked around and there was no one nearby for me to give it back to. I suffered a rather long moment of indecision before picking it up. And then I looked around for the mailbox in front of the building I found it by, so I could leave it there. There wasn't one. I was very close to sticking it in the fence when my mom called and yelled at/teased me for not just picking it up and leaving with it like someone normal would. But my idea is that, as much as I enjoy believing in fate and karma and the like, someone else lost that $10 and they'd probably like it back. In the end, she convinced me that I'd never be able to find the exact person who'd lost it, and so... now I have $10 I didn't have before. It'll probably go towards food or my credit card payment...

But! In rather excellent news I think I know what I'm doing with my NaNo now. There's a part of me that's so happy it wants to dance. I knew it was in there somewhere. (It turns out the trick wasn't to write until the character I've been pestering for years was entirely mine, but to think about it until he was entirely mine. And now he is, and it makes me happy. I knew he was in there somewhere. A bit more of me is in him than usual, and loathe as I am to admit that, I think it just happens anyway when you write, and I should learn to deal with it. Just like I should learn to stop feeling unoriginal for using settings that I'm familiar with. I can't reinvent the wheel every time I write. Though I'd like to. Also, I'm starting to think that Al Capone was a conspiracy in my universe, and that thought is making my inevitable Steampunk Al Capone a much more tolerable and less cracked-out possibility. Now... I just need to write far enough to get to that point.) Unfortunately, bringing everything into line with these revelations involves trashing probably half of what I've written... Forunately/Unfortunately half of what I've written is only a bit over 1,000 words.

P.S. Is it bad that I want to go picket with the Writer's Guild? Because I kind of do. I think it'd be fun... That's weird, right?
Life has been... odd, lately. Things have been generally yucky, but lately have always seemed to settle back into tolerable in the strangest ways. (Like the two fights on the bus last night that segued into sitting in the back of the sketchier bus route laughing with a guy who looked and sounded like Mickey Smith, only in zombie makeup.) And today... today involved dressing up semi-professionally and galavanting about the streets of the south loop on a Quest for [livejournal.com profile] deathscytheheck's rightful payment (which was received, but has not been cashed). And after lunch I went to the library, where I found a copy of Electric Blue. Which is a completely insignificant and even baffling thing until you know that that was the working title for my BA project until February of last year. And today is, incidentally, the exact six-month anniversary of me turning the blasted thing in. Incidentally, this book also stars a female heroine in a mystery. Incidentally, she also appears to be somewhat at the mercy of an eccentric PI. That's... about all it shares, and by the looks of it (right down to the author photo showing her with her pug that, hmmm, is probably an awful lot like the pug her protagonist has) it's everything I didn't want my BA to be. Snarky heroine driven by the attractiveness of men, murder as the main plot device. Anyway! I've decided that I'm going to read it. And then I'm going to read my BA for the first time in six months. Because I think this is what the Grand Author wants me to do (since it's being so obvious about this). And then I'll see how things go.

(My lunch today was six dollars and sixty six cents. I am going to monitor the cost of my lunch in the future, to keep tabs on just how cursed I am. Especially since I'm fairly certain I've ordered that exact same thing before, and it did not have that total. What's up here, universe?)

P.S. For everyone I've pestered about NaNo, my profile is here. Link me yours, because apparently the search is down until the site isn't as "busy." Which will be... the end of November. And I intend to finish this year, goshdarnit, because I have nothing to lose. And I'm actually excited, because I have an outline and a very random working title that no other author writing the same basic thing this year is likely to steal (take THAT Grand Author. Let's see how many other people you gave a dream to that involved Mr Holland's Opus: Redux WITH ROBOTS in which someone was wearing designer Shada shoes. Good luck figuring the title out from that.)
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( Nov. 1st, 2006 12:20 am)
It's November... It's officially NaNoWriMo. It's officially the month that will either kill me, or make me very very happy. At least I don't have any major papers due this month.

I ordered my ticket to the Decemberists today (Hamlet, being a Wednesday between photo crits, would've killed me)... it'll be my first concert here in ages. Soon I'm going to cave and get my ticket for Andrew Bird, too, because that's over Thanksgiving Break and that means there is no reason I shouldn't be going. I'm tired of not seeing concerts because I don't have any friends here with the same taste in music as me.

I should point out, though, that, even if I count votes for "The Refrigerator" as votes for the Decemberists, Hamlet won in the polls. Silly friendslist. I love you so.

Oh, and the new last.fm features are going to kill me. Like I need help finding concerts I want to go to. (In fact, if it hadn't been for the update today, I probably would've continued to ignore my Decemberists transportation conundrum.)

And now... off to write a few e-mails, then start writing for real. Let's see if I've still got it in me.

Edit [2:15]: Working towards my 22,000th song on last.fm... did you know that Ben Folds is like, 40? Holy crap. I guess that makes sense, though... I mean, I first heard him like, ten years ago, I think. And around that time, everyone I was hearing about was nearing their 30s. Wow.
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( Nov. 30th, 2004 08:46 pm)
Sketchy! You have no idea how hard it is to not IM you right now! Aaaah! Freaking certain people always distracting me from my Nano! (I'm actually behind you now.. gasp! But I'm so proud of my random plotness.) Yes and... I never thought I'd have trouble adjusting to the proper pronunciation of Maes Hughes... because I pronounce it Mays and all, contrary to the Japanese. And the dub freaking goes and does it right instead of wrong like me.

This post is brought to you by the number fourty seven thousand three hundred and fifty four, and the words fandomness and cookies. And harem.
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( Nov. 28th, 2004 06:00 pm)
I am probably one of the few people in the world that gets yelled at by her mother for going to the library to study. I wonder if she would yell less if I told her I was going to the library to try to write my novel that really has nothing to do with my actual school work? Silly mom. Hehehehe.
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( Nov. 28th, 2004 02:55 am)
This whole staying up super-late on Saturday thing is killing my sleep schedule. I feel that I could comfort myself somewhat knowing that no matter what though, I'd be up late tonight working on my novel... because I have written maybe 100 words so far today. I'm going to come dangerously close to not finishing this, if I make it at all. I'm not going to point fingers about whose fault it is that I didn't write today, though... hehehehe. Because I basically had all of today to write, and still didn't. So the only person I can blame is myself. And now I really want to go to bed. I think I'll just write for another hour and see what happens. I've got a fair bit of plot to develop right now... it should be alright. Except it's not alright, because I feel the need to sit here telling myself that it will be... grrr.

In other news... Saturday night chats are love. That is all.
So, remember how I was all "Oh goodness I am so doomed third quarter when we get to stuff like relativity"? Yeah... guess what we started in physics today for fun. Luckily it's not on the final exam. But we just went "Ok, chapter 14's done, let's spend the next two days on chapter THIRTY SIX." This is a crazy idea for so many reasons... a main one being: lots of people have left already for Thanksgiving break. Then there's the whole no one's going to pay attention to this because it's not on the final thing... I did pay a little bit of attention. But more time was spent doodling in the margins and outlining plot details that have been killing me lately. Freaking plot. I'm not sure if I don't get anything physics-y out of the lectures because I'm writing in the margins, or if I'm writing in the margins because I don't get anything physics-y out of the lectures. The fact remains that I probably get more writing and outlining done during physics than at any other point in the week, and that I have to read the book before I can do my homework. I imagine it all evens out in the end.

Oh, and to make this entry more disturbing, I feel that it would be fun to share Neil Gaiman's Smeagol/Gollum slash fanfiction with you:

"Oh, the preciouss, we takes it our handssses and we rubs it and touchess it, gollum....no, Smeagol musst not touch the preciousss, the master said only he can touch the precioussss.... bad masster, he doess not know the precious like we does, no, gollum, and we wants it, we wants it hard in our handses, yesss..."

Hooray for Neil Gaiman, he is my hero! Not because of that, though... More, you know, kind of because of American Gods and Good Omens and Neverwhere.


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