The epic fail of Chicago continues. I might finally be coping with that fact... we'll see how the next few days go. (You're all very lucky that I haven't been posting all my whining on here. LJ doesn't deserve more of that.) I start my bank job on Monday... but just about everything about that sucks. I don't get paid until September, and it's only $8 an hour, so my first paycheck will have to go completely towards moving. Which means this month's rent, utilities, food, and the $98 I'll have to spend on transportation will have to come out of... thin air. (At this point, I hate Chicago more than any other population center in the world, and am very seriously considering moving back home to regroup and maybe restore just a teeny tiny bit of confidence in myself and my worth as a member of the workforce.) I can't remember what I was actually going to write about. I think I was going to spend my time railing against the system, and how it sucks looking for a job because people should come looking for you and goshdarnit how do you get experience if everyone wants experience in the first place? Everyone! Experienced EBay ad writer (with references?!) Give me a break! But, I said I wasn't going to complain. So...

In other news... there really isn't much going on here. It's really hot... probably because I think I said something like "Well, it hasn't really been that hot this summer" yesterday. And now it's going to be 97 or something tomorrow. Joy. I'll probably spend the day in the shower... or downtown running from restaurant to restaurant (to coffee shop to bakery) looking for a job. Perhaps they'll be air conditioned. And yeah... so that's pretty much my existence right now. Pretty boring, eh? I think this is probably why I haven't been updating much.
After yesterday, I'm surprised that there aren't more Potter spoilers on my friendslist. It's a shame, since most everyone has already run away... there might as well be like, macros or something. (It's not that I don't care about spoilers, but I'm pretty sure I know the big things that are going to happen... for me it's more a matter of how they're written.)

But, I suppose today pretty much begins my internet hiatus for the weekend, not because of spoilers but because of honest-to-(thank)goodness-busy. I'm out all day today at an interview and then the Decemberists concert (basically I'm just gonna waste time downtown in between, because I haven't done that in a while). And tomorrow I leave for The Wedding. I might peek in a bit here and there, but it's unlikely. So... I shall see you all on Sunday night, or Monday. If you're bored, you're welcome to call.
So... today went well. Or as well as things could go when the buses completely refuse to cooperate. Freaking 'a, it took me more than three hours to get there. Three hours! It was supposed to take two at the most. In fact, the CTA said it would take me an hour and a half to 45 minutes. So I gave myself two and a half hours. And so I was half an hour late. Thankfully they were pretty forgiving, but OMG. Cubs game somehow delayed the red line by twenty minutes downtown. Downtown! I don't understand. That's not where Wrigley field is at all. And then the bus I needed was late, because apparently Pace buses are tardy in ways even the CTA can't manage. And then the bus didn't go where it was supposed to and dropped everyone off at this freaking mall, because apparently Pace also pwns the CTA at not following routes. And so... yeah. Grrr! But like I said, after that things went okay. I think I did decently on the tests (not great, I'm sure, since I took my time on them). I only made a few wince-worthy errors (like forgetting one of the interviewer's names). I have hope. Though the thought of the commute every day, even for a month and a half, makes me want to cry.

Also... my feet are a wreck. I hate shoes. (Well, I don't hate my sneakers. Much. Sometimes.) Yesterday I wore my brown ones that I hadn't worn in a while, and they either shrunk or my feet grew or I glossed over the painful memory of what they do to my feet (I fear it's the latter). Soooo they tore the backs of my heels all to heck, and then today I had to wear my black shoes, which have straps that go right over the damage area. Not cool. Very painful, in fact. But I finally got to use the bandaids I've had in my bookbag since junior year of high school. (Usually I make it a habit not to abuse my feet like this. I owe them now.)
So, the interview went kind of badly, and I kind of spent most of the rest of the evening moping... so I'm trying not to do any more of that right now. I'll just say that the guy interviewing me was a bit awkward, and spent a good part of the interview expressing his disinterest in me. So yeah. Not fun. And I officially hate my job search. I'm probably not the only academic type ever to have trouble adjusting to the working world, nor will I be the last, but eesh. There's got to be a haven of people who haven't been completely corrupted, who'd be willing to take the poor wanderers in.

In other news, tonight I had to finally figure out how to use the gas stove without dying (I've been around electric ones forever, and gas ones scare me on a very basic level because of my fear of leaving it on and blowing up). I got it lit... it went out... I got it lit again... I couldn't turn it down... the knob came off, it went out, I got it lit again... and finally convinced it that it did indeed have something like a low setting. Fun for everyone. But now I have my rice with surprise bits of fish in it and (provided the surprise about the fish isn't that it's undercooked) will be able to survive another day.

I also have a rather formidable pile of books that I brought back from the library. Mark Z. Danielewski's new(ish) book (Only Revolutions), books by David Mitchell (Ghostwritten) and Michael Chabon (Wonder Boys) because I've been meaning to read more by them since last spring quarter, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, because someone recommended it to me a while ago, and a random Battlestar Galactica novel I ran across on the new books shelf just below Only Revolutions... I figured it was fate, and obviously I'm meant to poke my nose back into officially sanctioned spin-off fiction (even if the title is "Sagittarius is Bleeding" and that seems to me like an awful title).
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 12:48 pm)
I think I am probably going to spend more time in Crerar and the Reg this summer than I ever did while I was still in school. Figures, eh? Still no internet in my apartment, nor the apartments of anyone else I know. So, here I am, bored and in the library trying to come up with decent cover letters. Especially for this one technology job that requires an entertaining cover letter... hopefully I'll be able to take care of that, because it'd be fun to work for a random gadget selling company.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was what I found in the shared backyard of my apartment complex the day I moved in...

Because it tried to eat my toes )

In other news, my apartment finally has hot water. It hasn't had hot water since I moved in Friday night, so I will finally be able to take a hot shower tonight. I can't wait. Apparently the water heater was so old it was unrepairable... that's nice to know. But, hey, it's Chicago. Most of the apartments are old.

And now... back to my job search. Here's hoping something turns up soon.
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 11:25 am)

So, I am about halfway through my packing. All I have left is stuff I use on a regular basis, and since I'm not moving out until Sunday... that pretty much can't be packed. It's a very weird feeling. I've returned people's movies, and random sandals, and cutlery. It was so weird/sad to dismantle my half of our epic action figure display... especially just after having sorted through my prints from my photo class. All in all, though, I've managed to avoid the attack of nostalgia I usually face while packing. Probably because I've been using the time I usually use to re-read my notebooks to figure out which box to put them in. Aaand I think the nostalgia will hit me once I realize I'm moving out of here for good, and my lovely, lovely Dewey House of this year is gone, blown apart by the cruel winds of fate (it'd kind of break the metaphor if I'd left "windows" there like I'd originally typed). But at least a good part of the house is going to be around for the summer. So whenever there's a lull in my slow torture and death in the working world, I'll be able to visit or something.

I actually have four whole leads on sublets. But I'm going to have to wait until Saturday to even see two of them. One of them is up by Loyola, which is out of the way in the complete opposite direction from Hyde Park, but it's new to me, so... I'm giving it a fair amount of thought. Though it's up mid-August, which would leave me in a tight position for moving again. We'll see, we'll see. Since I'm hopeful, I'm actually going to restaurant-hop downtown this afternoon and see if I can find a waitressing job.

My breakfast today was bell peppers. I'm probably going to regret that, but my fridge is mostly bare and I'm certainly not going to try to restock it.


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