It's not uncommon that I'll come across little warnings in my recipes as to the insurmountable odds of finding exactly what they call for. My gumbo recipe has paragraphs about the impossibility of finding andouille sausage. The key lime pie recipe I need for tomorrow warns me that "The bad news is [key limes are] impossible to find fresh at your local supermarkets."

I remember the days when I used to hate Hyde Park, when I swore that it was awful and boring and there was no point to it. But, if there is a point to Hyde Park, part of it has to be that I can walk across the street to the grocery store and find fresh key limes and andouille sausage. Or squid, or out-of-season obscure fruits, or imported candies, or jerk catfish, or organic cage-free quinoa... without going to a Whole Foods. I can, in fact, accomplish all my shopping, without any gaping recipe holes, without even shopping in any chains that exist outside of Chicago (it used to be that I could do this without hitting any chains that existed outside of Hyde Park, but the Co-op died a few years ago due to its poor management, nonsensical pricing, and lack of a reliable credit card system. Also it rained inside the 55th street store, but that's a problem the Treasure Island hasn't fixed, either). And our produce store has the same supplier as Whole Foods but charges half as much (seriously, I have been in love with Hyde Park Produce since before it even crossed my mind that Hyde Park itself might have some redeeming value).

So, moral of the story: I have a bag of key limes and it turns out my grocery store also carries Hobnobs, so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea, eating biscuits and wondering how I'm going to juice a million tiny limes. And I love my neighborhood for its grocery stores. Is that even proper?

Alternate moral: Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving, everyone! ♥ (Even if you're not engaging in culinary exploits tomorrow.) ♥

Chicago and I still have some things to work out, though, especially in re: it raining on me every time I'm outside for more than three minutes.
Today was surprisingly pleasant. I got up way too early, lazed around, and then ended up helping [ profile] euthymic get tickets for Hillside, which, if I can get the time off work, I'll be going to too. Of course, this means two weekends in a row in July will be made of music festival, but the only downside I see is going back to work afterwards. (-: And the fact that the two weekends combined will cost me a bit more than $300... but all things considered, that's a ridiculously cheap vacation. And I'm spending the money now, so by July I won't even miss it, and it'll feel like free music.

So this got longer than expected, so here is the day divided up neatly.

From 10-4:30: MSI )

5ish: In which I discover that my neighborhood might be cool )

6-8: Stringed Instruments Continue to Betray Me. And a Torontoan )

And ah... gosh this is long. 8-9: I sat down and wrote about my day because I have nothing better to do, except maybe make dinner like a normal, functional person. I guess today was an eventful day.
Today was just one of those days. The busy, good, adventurous sort. My left-hand fingers hurt but my brain is very happy. At lunch I accomplished things like switching my main utilities over (I still need to deal with the internet), and ogling Andrew Bird from three feet away before moseying on over to the side of the stage and getting politely shooed away by security. I also almost left a measuring cup for him on stage, because I inexplicably had one, but I didn't get the courage up to do it until after I'd been shoo'd, and I figured walking back into the forbidden area in front of the stage would be kind of frowned upon.

If anything in the world is more of a buzz kill than my office, I don't ever want to encounter it. After hanging out in Millennium Park watching Andrew Bird noodle around and warm up, I was all happy and springy and humming and thought "Oh good, people at work will see me happy for once, and maybe I'll get to spread the good word that I am in fact a human being Andrew Bird is awesome." But as soon as I was in the door, my humming felt forced and there was really no point in smiling to myself. (I hate my office. Sigh.)

But! I did get out early to go to my mandolin lessons! And boy, what an eclectic little group my class is. We're about evenly half girls and guys, and we're all there for different reasons (I didn't try to explain why I was there. I'm not even sure of my exact motivations, except it seemed like a good idea). I think, once my fingers get used to the new form of abuse, it's going to be a lot of fun. And I'm going to stick around from now on to do the second hour of goofing off with all the guitar students as well, because about a third of my motivation for taking classes there is to meet interesting people. And if the concert tonight (which I thought I was going to miss because of my class) taught me anything, it's that musicians who are good are absolutely fascinating to me.

And standing there in my business casual clothes, toting a rented mandolin (whose name, for the time being, is Remy) and bopping around to the music, I felt like I looked like such a poseur. But at the same time... for once I didn't care. So maybe that's a sign that I'm on a better track now. I think it was good first date with Remy, and I could feel him echoing the music there. Ahhh, I missed having an instrument.

Also Andrew Bird is amazing, in case I haven't gotten that across yet. I imagine my crush on him will continue until I get to see Sufjan Stevens live or something.

Now the goal for the rest of tonight is sleep, because this week has only been two days long so far, and it already feels crazy-long. My bedroom isn't anywhere close to being unpacked, and I don't think I've gotten a full night's sleep in a long, long time.
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 03:50 pm)



And now I'm going to be late to the one I have.

Edit: So, since my family yelled at me for a similarly uninformative voice mail I left for them, the situation is this: the lawyers I interviewed with yesterday called me this afternoon to offer me the job, something like 20 minutes after I sent them my thank-you-for-interviewing me e-mails. Which is kind of crazy, but the guy who interviewed me had told me that they were looking to get someone in quickly, and that I was near the top of the list. And the two partners I talked to kind of won me over by being laid-back, unpretentious, and actually kind of funny, so it wasn't all that hard to say yes when they offered me a salary only $500 below what I was planning to argue down from and health insurance after a month. Plus paid days off within the next 6 months (it would still be 11 months before I got any days off at the bank, just for comparison). So! All in all I am rather happy with this turn of events. But I start Monday, and that means I will be working two jobs concurrently until the end of the month and holy crap, that might just kill me. But in a financially solvent and able to pay my rent and eat sort of way.
Tonight was a largely crappy night punctuated by people who were surprisingly cool. I was done at work way too early tonight (8:45), but thanks to the fact that there was weather tonight, the bus took about 40 minutes to show up. While I was waiting and playing at being oblivious with my headphones on, a goodly-sized crowd gathered in the bus shelter, mostly made up of one family (the mother and father of which looked to be about 18 or 19. They had three kids. The kids were cute, but omg, three kids at 18 or 19.), as well as a few people heading home from the grocery store. One girl (I think she said she went to DePaul) opened up a box of Cheese-Its, and a rather transient-looking woman made some kind of comment about everyone opening up their snacks. And the DePaul girl? Her first reaction was a very honest, not cynical at all, "Do you want some?" And then she proceeded to offer them to the children, and the lady, and to everyone else huddled in the bus shelter. The offer was just so automatic, too. I wasn't sure there were people like that at random bus stops, ones that actually got the lessons about sharing. She made me happy. I hope good luck finds her a lot.

The bus driver lady was cool tonight, too, once the bus actually showed up. She actually apologized to all of us for making us wait in the rain, and let a good number of people on for free because, apparently, a lot of drivers didn't show up for work today and they were making her work hours later than she was supposed to. She kept up a pretty witty banter for most of the three blocks I was on the bus, and so I thanked her and wished her a good night when I got off to go to the store.

So, it's good to know that every once in a while there are people who are capable of redeeming things in the world slightly. Someday, I hope to be one of them.

Ah, and more cute for those of you who don't follow Neil Gaiman's journal: Children's drawings turned into photos. Some of them are just awesome in this abstract way. I'm torn between the one on the bed with the rest of the furniture facing up, and the one with the guy standing on the couch with the floating chairs (the wedding one works almost too well as an image that has nothing to do with the drawing, so I'm leaving it out of my favourites).
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( Jul. 29th, 2003 11:50 pm)
[Today's Music: the end of State Songs, all of Thornhill, and Happiness is Not a Fish...]

I wanted to get on here and write long before midnight, because I want to get to bed before 2am tonight. My sister kept me up late last night telling her "bedtime stories." I was so tired. I slept in until 10 today, and then had to get up to do something.. I don't remember what it was. It might have been to wait for my call from the FedEx guy... that never came (oh shuckie darn). I don't think my dad got called about his job, either, and they said they would, too. Stupid lying employers! I also spent about 45 minutes watching Sesame Street today, because I'm a bored person lacking cable. I was quite happy to hear the word "glutton" used quite casually by Cookie Monster. I was rather surprised to see R.E.M. bouncing around and singing. I was excited by the surrealism involved in the bizarre jungle-themed Journey to Ernie. Ah, a good thirteen years since I watched it regularly and it's still a great show. Jim Henson was an awesome person. I miss the muppet show. Someday, if I don't end up designing giant solar sails (I almost finished that article on space travel at the library today), I will work on Sesame Street.

Twas my daddy's birthday today, but most of it was spent retrieving my mom from the library and trying to fix the brakes on her car (they're worse now than before we took the the car in to get fixed). My aunt had called several times over the past few days, inviting us to a dinner (of the more expensive sort) to celebrate everyone's birthday and my graduation. Originally we weren't going to go, and then our relatives offered to pay, and my mom felt guilty that we weren't going to go see everyone, so we went (we were going to pay). I got to see my Nanny (a step-grandmother of sorts) and all my aunts and uncles that aren't related to me by blood at all, and my little cousin that's four now and verily cute. We all sat around and ate and talked (my uncle and mom made a lot of weird noises, and my sister kept being strange and hitting my mom). Then we had some nice cake and ice cream as a special birthday-type surprise from the restaurant because they do things like that. And, then came the part that restores one's faith in humanity... at least the part of humanity that manifests itself into random strangers in restaurants. Our bill was picked up by these four men at a nearby table that thought we looked to be a really nice family! Rather bizarre and unexpected, non? They were all from Virginia, I suppose on business. The story I heard later told me that they were planning on drinking several bottles of Don Perignon and putting it on their expense account, when they saw us and decided that spending the money on us would be more fun. Tremendous good karma to them! You don't see many people like that around here anymore. I'm not exactly sure of the real honesty in spending company money on a group of strangers in a resaurant, but it's a better thing than buying a lot of expensive wine, non?

I also picked up a bit more in graduation-present money, and got my paycheck today. I'm awful close to being able to afford that computer I want myself (all the way there if I can get that blasted money out of my savings), but my mom still insists that I wait until the end of August when we get the bill. I don't understand why, when I already have what I needed as my contribution earned and set aside, and the computer models change every month and a half anyway, and if I wait longer I'll have less time to adjust to the laptop, and the one I want most likely won't exist anymore, and a similar one will be more expensive because it'll be new. Curse it. In fact, to make up for the net change in karma, all the good karma going to the business people can be removed from the computer companies and merchants that make things difficult by changing models and charging a lot. I don't imagine a lot of tech companies have a lot of good karma left. I suppose to even things out a bit, we can take some away from the government, because it doesn't need any, nor deserve much. Evil thing.

Umm.. I seem to have lost my direction here. I think it's time for me to go to sleep and stop complaining about the evils of the world.

Oh, I had to do my "entrance interview" for my Stafford Loan today. Boy was that fun... online, with pretty much no guidance whatsoever as to what it wanted me to do. I did learn, however, that I am not obligated to repay my loans if I die. Yaaay, there's a comfort! I'd hate to suddenly find my credit ruined in the afterlife. There was some absolutely bizarre stuff in the "interview" for the Perkins Loan, which I didn't get to finish because my computer crashed. I think my modem's pretty well close to biting the dust right now, it keeps making the computer blue-screen. I'm certainly glad I'm writing this in a separate window in IE right now. I want a stable computer (not likely) that isn't a good 6 to 7 years old (slightly more likely). I'd better save this to something and then restart this evil thing so I can actually post this. At least I didn't lose everything this time. It's still freaking late now, though.

I need to remember to e-mail J-Ro and buy myself that much-desired I Am Made of Poison shirt... after I deposit my new riches tomorrow. Weee!


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