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( May. 31st, 2007 04:56 am)
I currently feel like a zombie. I'm offically halfway done with finals, but there's a long way between now and noon when I have to have this other paper done (I've got a page, pretty much, and that's it. It's slowly developing into a workable outline, but... slow going, since I'm so zombified, having spent most of this afternoon trying to turn my graphic novel crap into something workable). I think I'll be sleeping today between noon and three. That is... going to work out weirdly. But at least I'll get sleep, and hopefully in that hour and a half I can cram in enough studying for my graphic novel final (stupid, stupid evil unreasonable class).

I'm glad to see that LJ users have gotten the apology we deserved for the recent strikethrough messiness. Hopefully it'll be followed through properly, and LJ fandom won't be left in shambles. I've been here for four years, I don't want to go. And reading through all of the massively addictive information (and lack thereof) has eaten way too much of my time and brain capacity. So I'm doubly glad that this has come to something resembling a conclusion now, so I can maybe try to focus (except... tired!).


If I'm really good and manage to write 300 words every half hour, I'll have this done in another five hours. Then I can sleep for five hours this afternoon. That'd be nice. (It's not going to happen.)

Edit 8:28: Got an hour and a half of sleep (was aiming for half an hour, oh well). I now have three and a half hours to write about four pages. It's doable, especially since I mostly haven't added quotes, but I think the thing I'm looking forward to most is the sleep I might get between noon and 3. Mmm, sleep. I can barely type right now, and that's never a good sign. I need very strong tea.

Edit 2 10:24: Hour and a half left. Page and a half left. My strong tea doesn't seem to have had enough of an effect. But there's little I can do at this point. I'm just going to hope that I don't inadvertently fail this paper. It's certainly not my best, but I don't think it's awful. Oh goshdarnit. Stupid end of the quarter. Think they'll take pity on me for being a very, very tired senior? (I feel like the end of this quarter's kind of been a disaster, and the only reason I was told I got honors is because the world likes to tease me, and it'll probably get taken away after my grades come in. But I guess that's because I'm always pessimistic about my grades. Argh.)
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( May. 29th, 2007 06:26 am)
I set my alarm for five this morning, and couldn't get myself moving until now because of one thing: I needed to work on my papers, but I couldn't work out how to cite a personal website. Because somehow Dekker and Middleton were on the internets, and writing about what I needed to know. Also, there was some website about my super powers that I couldn't get to, so I kept feeling like getting up and doing actual work was completely useless. Nothing quite like being just awake enough to know you're awake and need to be doing work, but completely unable to tell what that actually entails.

And now I'm awake and I've got another two hours to get this paper in order. Here's hoping.
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( May. 19th, 2007 05:41 am)
Five pages into my paper (finally) and it's kind of moving along smoothly now.

I've kind of been interrupted by my playlist now, though. Because I can't listen to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now without pausing to think about battling zombies. So that's what I'm doing.

I have until ten to finish this. At the absolute latest. Then I'm free! (For certain definitions of free. Technically, I need to be working on my Graphic Novel research, because I need ten sources for that by Friday, and it needs to be five to six pages long. And I need to do my reading for Medieval English Lit, because I'm finding myself kind of fond of The Vision of Piers Plowman, and I'm probably going to want to write my final paper on it. Except I can't if I haven't read it. So yeah. Yaaaay finals.)

Woo, song is over. Back to writing. (Can I pull off three pages in an hour? Is it possible? I have ten more minutes, and half a page to write... we shall see.)

Edit [8:33]: Tired. Want to sleep. Still have at least a page and a half to write. Whyyyy. (I hope my computer comes today. That would be a nice reward/break from this.) Tired. Want to sleep. Must find apartment and job. Must do other reading. Ahhh. My thesis is too broad and I don't care bwahahaha.
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( May. 18th, 2007 12:46 pm)

Goshdarnit, paper, write yourself. I'm tired of you. I've barely even written two pages of you, and I'm tired of you. At least my outline looks plausible now, though. In that it might get me to seven pages, and I can BS at least another page out of the intro and conclusion... plus quotes and references to criticism that largely has nothing to do with what I have to say. Yay.

Also, I'm going to need to name my new computer soon. Hopefully today, maybe tomorrow. So far names from Beowulf have been haunting me for some reason, but suggestions are always awesome. You know, in case you have a computer name that you haven't been able to use (so I don't name my computer Hrunting or Hrothgar or something).
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( Mar. 8th, 2007 07:55 pm)
Dear English Language,

Why... why do you have to make my life more difficult? I have a lovely argument for my paper here that says Viola's choice of Cesario as her sexless (meaning neither male nor female) alter-ego is evidence of her careful tricks of language. To prove it, I need to be able to say that Cesario can be seen as a reference to Caesarian birth, bypassing the vagina, making it a reference to her adopting a male (though eunuch) persona. According to the OED's usage notes on Caesarian, I am off by a decade for that definition. A DECADE! A freaking decade! It's not fair! It's such an interesting point. (Okay, it's total BS, but it takes up space and sounds good.) Screw you, English!


Minus fifty ♥s,

P.S. This is a public entry. Should I have used "hoo-ha" instead of vagina to protect innocence?

P.P.S. (Completely Unrelated) How many more Starbuck icons do you think there are on LJ now since Sunday? I'd bet on at least a 20% increase. I'm seeing them in the most random of places.
This paper is now nine minutes late. Aaaand it's really nowhere near done, since I decided this morning, after a dream in which Rescom was actually a timetravel organization and my mom forced K-Fed to kiss me for Valentine's Day (cursing me with bad luck forever and the amazing ability to travel to the future and return 30 seconds later five years older and with a bad haircut), my thesis didn't really fit with the rest of the paper the way it was organized at the time. So I've been rewriting it in the Reg for the past... hour. If I hadn't taken that extra nap, it probably would've been done on time, but probably not very good, since I was well-near exhausted before I gave in and took a nap, which severely hindered my ability to make good decisions regarding organization and arguments. Bah. Papers. Too much writing. Adding everything together, I've written 46 pages in the past five days, not counting things I wrote and then erased, which would probably add another ten pages at least. Plus outlines. Omg. No wonder I'm braindead. When I get back tonight, I'm going to sleep for a day.
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( Dec. 4th, 2006 02:27 pm)
The only reason I am still living right now, and not a drooling oozing pile of lack-of-sleep and stress, is that my photo prof gave me until ten tomorrow morning to finish my portfolio. I can't even express my gratefulness. The only problem now, though, is that my short stories paper is due at five, and I've got about eight pages of it down already... and somehow most of those pages aren't things I'd like to set fire to yet, so it's really hard to keep writing (I keep telling myself, though, that it'd be very, very nice to get back into the darkroom before five... I should also remind myself more that once it comes time to organize everything in the final draft of this, it's probably going to drop at least two pages. And I need to make sure I have time to get to the post office to get stamps.)

So yes... must stop with the distraction. (Ah paper-writing entries.)

So far, I think the most pretentious sentence in my paper is "Their identities are the embodiment of the metonymy that defines them." I'm not even entirely sure it means anything.

[Edit 2:36]: Also, I think I should point out that a few minutes ago one of my roomies got back from playing video games in the lounge and found me hopping up and down on top of my physics book, then on top of Locke, Nietzsche, and How to Design Programs. Seems the first use I've had for these books in years is weighing down the edges of my prints so they sit flat. I just need to make sure my shoe is moved from on top of Aquinas, because if my other roomie gets back and finds that I'll be beaten and kicked out.

[Edit 3:15]: I just realized that I've unconsciously been listening to my CDs in alphabetical order. Huh.

[Edit 4:54]: Erm, this paper isn't done. But academia must be taking pity on me or something, because since no one really clarified where or when these were due, I've got until midnight. I simply cannot express my relief. However, I need to keep plugging away at this (9.25 pages, wee...) since I have to get to the darkroom tonight. Eep.

[Edit 11:27]: I feel like I'm going to die. And I have to get up at 6 tomorrow and go to the darkroom. Whyyyyy?? Every time I feel like I'm on the home stretch, I suddenly have longer to fret and less I can do about the state things are in.

[Edit 6:44]: I feel like a zombie. At least the sunrise is interesting? (I have to keep reminding myself that this encouraging note I wrote to myself last night is about tea, not Ten.)
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 01:23 pm)
Argh, I hate writing papers! Hate it! This one is not done... quite noticeably. It's due in about seven minutes, and I'm sitting here fretting over the thesis, because I don't have one. And I really don't like this story. And I really didn't want to be late to class again, but I've kind of got no choice, because this paper isn't done. Grrr. If I could just make myself not care about it like I used to, this would be so much easier. But nooo suddenly the papers matter and for some reason I can't get them done on time anymore.

[1:50] Still not done. Still hate this paper. Omg.

[2:29] Hate this paper marginally less. Still not done. Need conclusion. Grr.

[3:12] There. Turned in. Or at least, e-mailed. Which counts. And... well, at least I didn't hate it. And that's probably the most editing I've done to a paper ever. Crap, this is not a good sign for the rest of the year.
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( Oct. 29th, 2006 06:42 pm)
Ah, this paper is driving me nuts. I can pull tons of stuff out of this story, but I can't get myself to limit it to one section (which is the idea with this length of paper, apparently). So I'm just sitting here going over the story and writing outlines about the characters in some vain attempt to get to something that's both interesting and... possible to write about without branching out to the entire story until the final paragraph or so. It was so much easier last quarter when I could limit myself to a word and talk about the entire story.

And the more I read this story, the more I'm frightened by how much I was/am like the main character. I really don't like him. I think he's boring and rather stupid. But I've got this terrifying feeling that, had I stayed at home for college, I'd be a lot like him. And that makes me mad at him, since I can't be mad at a version of me that could have existed, but doesn't. And I think the really scary part is, until I'm more removed from who I am now, I can't be certain that I'm not still like him. Though at least I've left home, so I'm not snobbily sitting around looking out my window and thinking about how much better I am than everyone else without realizing that that's I'm doing. Maybe I've been thinking too much lately about how much people don't change when they don't leave home ever. Mostly because my sister seems to be certain she's not leaving for college. And that makes me sad. I think it'd be about the worst thing ever, because she can just stay the same. She needs to be dragged out of Youngstown, exposed to the real world. She needs to realize that the stupid things people do in podunktownarmpitoftheuniverse are not... universal. That clubs in Chicago would never let you in with a YSU ID just because it's a college ID and that implies you're over 18, that not all black people sound like the bus driver she overheard while I was on the phone with her, that identifying an accent doesn't make you racist, that... gah. Staying in Youngstown/Akron just isn't good for you. You adapt to one place, and if you never go away, you don't learn that there are other ways of looking at things. It's depressing. I mean... so is being a total relativist, but... I don't know. There's something about staying all neat and tidy in one little world that bothers me. I can't relate to it anymore. Maybe it's a sort of nostalgic jealousy. But I'd prefer to think it isn't. Even though I'm such a freaking snob for wanting to be able to look down on it or something, and I'm not sure I've moved away from it myself. Then again, there are people who can go around everywhere and never move outside their world. I've met a few of them. Well-travelled, static people. So maybe it's more about learning, I don't know. And now that I think more about it, those're really the two poles these characters inhabit. Unchanging travelly and unchanging stationary. So great... I'm having trouble narrowing this paper down to one section, and in thinking about it I have decided to expand it to cover the whole of human existence. Go me. I guess at least you can kind of excuse the stationary guy, since he doesn't have the experience/is too innocent to know any better (which is drilled into your skull constantly. Gee thanks, James Joyce). The other dude's just an obnoxious git.

Um, on a less obnoxious front, it's been ages since I've posted pictures. So here are some random ones from October, mostly the aftermath of the crazy storm we had. I haven't gone through all of them yet, so there might be more later. But for now, I'm just happy to have gotten the stuff off my camera.
Things I have done tonight for the sake of not doing my paper:
- Taken a very long shower
- Repainted my toenails (contemplated painting them in greyscale next time, which I will look into this week because I am just that odd)
- Went to study break
- Played DDR
- Took photos of people playing DDR with the excuse I was "trying to get motion blur"

And now I'm working up an intense hate of these lab computers, to the point that I don't think I'm going to be able to write my paper down here anyway. Because I'm that picky. (Is a functional shift key too much to ask?) Oh, how I want my laptop back. But I've promised myself that if I finish this paper at a reasonable time tonight, I'm gonna go downtown tomorrow morning, or possibly afternoon, and get photo supplies and pick up random groceries where it's cheaper (yep... cheaper groceries downtown... wtf?). Here's to hoping this is a pay week.

While I'm here, though um... anyone think they can explain to me how I had a dream involving Avatar when I haven't seen the show? Because I did last night and... I mean, even excluding the bit that involved House treating that big furry thing in someone's dorm room, it was freaking weird.

Edit 1 [1:31]: Trying to recruit homunculi into any organized religion that promises eternal paradise for the soul has got to be such a difficult sell. And hey look, I've got a paragraph written. About freaking time!

Edit 2 [1:51]: Mmm, I love tearing stories apart like this. There's always so much more there than just the surface meaning. This guy has some lovely neuroses about names. I love it. (Raymond Carver's "Cathedrals", for anyone keeping track of what I'm reading.) It doesn't even matter if it's from the author or the narrator, because it's there and it becomes a part of the meaning of the story. This is why I'm so amused by this stuff. As long as you're thinking and you're careful, you can pull almost anything out of it. It's just that lots of people aren't careful, and then they annoy me because in class they'll say things that are in blatant conflict with the characterization in the story or project random modern stereotypes onto the characters and it annoys me, then I feel all pretentious for being annoyed because I don't like to sit there and think that other people are wrong. (Obviously, it's nearly two in the morning and I should be in bed. But goshdarnit, I will have two pages written before I go to bed tonight so I can print it out and edit it on the bus or something when I go downtown tomorrow morning.)
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( Jun. 6th, 2006 01:52 pm)

(Okay, it's really not that bad...)


(I just wanted to have this paper done hours ago... and it's sort of still without a thesis. And kind of two pages short. And kind of not organized.)


(The shouting represents my powerlessness against too-high standards.)


(I had a weird dream last night that involved saving some sort of fish from having to swim in a dinner plate... this was slightly after discovering I was part of some sort of underwater adventuring team, though I was the odd one out because I was unfortunate enough to have been given the breathing apparatus that didn't work (it was sort of like a lottery) so I ended up in this attic/cabin with this weird little boy that reminded me of someone from Mushishi. Anyway, as I gave this fish water in the sink it came back to life for a bit, then sort of died again, and while I wasn't paying attention it turned into this strange orange sugar-cane crab (like those exist). It had really cute eyes, though, so I was taking pictures of it, but I couldn't get the camera to focus and my roomie kept sticking her face in front of the camera and looking surprised. The scary part is, I can trace almost every element of the latter part of this dream back to real life things. Including a dream my roomie had the night before last. And there... now this entry is more than just complaining and screaming.

And I want one of those crabs now. I'm going to have to invent them. They're cute.)

(P.S. GAH! Wikipedia! Leave me alone! How did you trick me into sitting here reading about Regulus Black? Seriously!)

P.P.S. DONE! Finished at 3:23, caught the 3:30 bus, ran to the bookstore and bought the folder and envelope I needed, ran to Harper (3:40), fell up the steps, ran to the USITE lab (3:47), printed everything (3:51), briefly forgot where Rosenwald was (3:54), found Rosenwald (3:55), waited ungodly long for elevator, got on elevator (3:58), turned in paper on fourth floor (4:00). Two more papers to go! Ahhh!
Today, I was taking a shower (omg, a shower during final's week, inconceivable!) and contemplating my King Lear paper. I finally hit upon a thesis statement, and a good introduction, which made me immediately nervous that I would forget it before I finished. So I got out of the shower, put on a towel, darted out into the living room hoping no one was around, grabbed the first notebook I saw, and scurried back into the bathroom to write down my thoughts. Then continued my shower. I now have a rather wet notebook. But I also have a thesis statement that I won't forget. (I'm also considering attaching my math equation as an appendix or something, because unfortunately it explains what I'm getting at a little better than I've actually managed so far in words...)

Normal people don't do things like this for papers, right?

This would probably be easier if the prof and TA hadn't put so much pressure on me to come up with another "brilliant" paper. Seriously, wtf. That was a fluke! A fluke! I got lucky once! Let me continue just scraping by, I can't handle this pressure! (Though, on the plus side, this gives me a little more leeway to torture the heck out of double-meanings in the language of my paper. I love being able to get away with that. Though it won't be nearly as bad as the Hamlet Wishes Desperately that Mpreg was Possible paper, what with his father impregnating him and then becoming a figment of his imagination and such. This paper right now appears to be about how Cordelia is Secretly Also the Fool, and The Fool is Psychic, Or: Watch Me Play with Math Terminology As a Metaphor for EVERYTHING. I think my thesis needs some narrowing at this point. In the end, it'll probably end up being mostly about the word "difference." Yay.)
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( Jun. 4th, 2006 01:11 am)
... Sometimes I kind of stare at my handwriting and wonder why it makes random switches from printing to cursive without warning. Sometimes it's just between days in my notes, but right now it's decided it's just going to switch every quarter of a page. Possibly depending on whether I know what I'm talking about or not.

Also, no paper should have algebra-type equations in the middle of it to explain things. But right now, the notes for my Shakespeare paper do. (Where KLx = Ry + Gz + C[ran out of variables]. C[ran out of variables] = 0 so Ry+ Gz = KLx, and Ry = Gz, so they have complete control over the worth of KLx. It all makes sense, honest.)

The real question here is not what's wrong with my mind in regards to my multiple-personalitied handwriting (though that is a possible issue), but what on Earth am I doing writing a paper on Shakespeare that involves math? Honestly, that equation is almost my thesis statement. Perhaps I should be seeking help.

... The section on the fool, in addition to the horrible puns on full, also includes a line about "equivalent exchange." Because it is applicable! For all we know, since there's no Queen in this play, Cordelia's run off with France to resurrect her. And, um, Lear dies in the end from a broken heart because he was also attempting human transmutation and that's what the gate babies stole.

Also, Goneril and Regan are very bad at math concepts. Perhaps this excuses them from being kind of evil and mean.

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( Mar. 17th, 2006 11:03 am)
Grr. I can't focus at all right now. I think it's because I haven't had a full night of sleep since Tuesday... no, wait... that's not right. I was definitely flipping out on Tuesday. Last Thursday? Though I could've sworn there was a night with 8 hours in there somewhere. But... gah. I just need to find the quotes I need and tidy up my argument. I want this finished, and turned in, and done with. Heh. I got up at nine, turned off my alarm, and went back to sleep until ten. It probably would've been good for me, too, if I hadn't had a dream that I was in class and supposed to turn the paper in, even though I hadn't finished it. I really wanted to have this in by two, but since it's 11 now and I haven't gotten anything done... somehow I doubt that's going to happen. Ah well... I think I've got until five or so, when they lock the doors on the buildings on campus.

Edit 1 [12:00]: Goshdarnit. I'd even rather be trying to write porn right now. Porn! That's right. I'd rather be forced to write porn than finish writing this paper. Freaking college. (What? Can you picture me writing porn? That's how hard this paper is for me to write! It is actually a step below porn on my list of things that I cannot/willnot write. Gah!)

Edit 2 [12:10]: Okay... Snakes on a Plane has been hovering around forever now. But what is it? Is it really a horror movie? Is it meant to be serious? Wtf is going on here? I mean... here is the trailer. It almost seems serious... save for the guy hitting another guy with a snake. And the one guy who holds the snake, screaming, then turns to the camera. Oh, and the boob-snake. I have no idea what to make of this. What is this movie trying to do? It's already... just... how could this movie possibly take itself seriously?

Edit 3 [1:34]: Two people in a row have called me to ask me if I'm done... and while I appreciate the sentiment, right now, between them and my mom, I just feel like crying or going back to sleep or screaming, but not all three because that'd be impossible because the screaming would keep me awake. I wanted to be done with this crap Wednesday. This is just ridiculous. No one should have to work this much on papers. No one else I know here ever spends this long on papers. How do they get away with it? Why am I not done with this yet??

Edit 4 [2:02]: Okay... think happy thoughts. At least the paper is kind of decent, as far as arguments go. It's just disorganized and currently lacking sources. And in two and a half hours, it will be done. No matter what. And... all right... those aren't particularly happy thoughts. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts... hmmm... Well, Hughes is nursing a mild concussion from Pope Urban II. At least that's an amusing thought. And by some liberal definitions, Roy's now a cyborg. Yay!

Edit 5 [2:18]: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (deedly-dee)... there they are a'standing in row (bum dum dum). Big ones, small ones, some as big as a--OMFG WHY IS THIS PAPER NOT WRITING ITSELF?!

Edit 6 [3:08]: Gah. Almost done. Twelve pages is twelve pages... even if I've only got a few lines on it. I don't care. This needs to be done. It needs to be done now. I still have things I need to cite. This is just... all right. I think the problem is that I don't want to turn in a paper I know isn't perfect, so I always wait until the last minute to turn it in, because that way I know I had no choice. Fine, brain. Fine. The rest of me hates you sometimes, you know. You're acting like a jerkface. Everything else is just as tired as you. Just because you can keep going when you're tired doesn't mean the rest of me can.

Edit 7 [3:33]: I still feel like screaming. But... well, no matter what I'm getting out of here in an hour and turning this in. Gah. One more hour, and this quarter will be over. I just need to keep going...
There is one thing I want to be doing less right now... unfortunately, that one's sort of a moot point, since the paper on René has already been turned in. So now here I am... sitting in the library... writing. Have been since about four, with a short break for ranting, explaining to my sister how to get the music off her iPod even though she'd installed it on another computer, and dinner (grabbed from Subway because it was 7:30 and I didn't feel like walking to either of the dining halls). It's weird. I had no idea you could actually see downtown from the fifth floor of the Reg. Nor did I realize that the chairs up here are different... there's only one of them in each alcove, and just a long carpeted block-table-thing. It's sort of comfy. I may have found another spot that doesn't quite eat my soul. My poor soul.

On the plus side, right now I am determined to get to the sixth page of this paper tonight. Preferably before ten. Even though that's only halfway, at least I'll know where I stand. Because right now I feel like the information I have is woefully inadequate for reaching twelve pages. And it's freaking me out. Well, stressing me out, more accurately. But I think right now I'm sort of beyond what can really be labelled as "stress". I can't wait to get to Canada right now. I don't even care about having to be downtown at midnight, and having to sit in Detroit for an hour. It's an entire week that I don't have to worry about school or making life easier at home. It'll be the first real vacation I've had probably since... almost never? Because every time I can remember staying somewhere other than home, there's been homework along, or it's been for visiting colleges. Wow. So... at least my much-needed escape is close at hand. I just need to reach the end of this page so I can go study for my Civ final. Gah.

Obviously, I post a lot when I'm stressed out.
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( Mar. 13th, 2006 06:29 pm)
All right, world. I am sitting down right now. (Actually, I'm sort of half-laying, since I'm on my bed.) I will no longer be tempted by Snow Crash, as interesting as it's getting. (I have no idea what prompted me to start reading it during finals week... probably the general need to read something that was not written by Chateaubriand, nor about Japanese script reform. Though, on the plus side, at least I haven't had to read anything by Chateaubriand about Japanese script reform. Because that'd be bad. I can see it now... the kanji would be secretly in love with katakana or something, and run off to be on their own in order to hide their secret, and then someone (probably a couple of emo furigana) would run off and join a convent in this strange pseudo-death ceremony during which they'd profess their love for kanji, because omgtheirloveissomakingobscurekanjiunderstandable... and, erm... then kanji would run off to the US and join an Indian tribe? Omg my brain hurts so much I can barely think anymore. And I have a headache.)

But the roomies are at dinner, so now is probably the best time to get more writing done. Write write write. And I've convinced myself that if I can finish the Fragments essay tonight (which is totally doable), I'll have most of tomorrow to hide out in the library finishing the Cult-Evo essay. As long as I don't drag my feet on this and take until five tomorrow, when it's due. Because then I have 21 hours to finish the paper, with no sleep in between. If I'm going to pull an all-nighter, it will be... um... never, because I can't write well on no sleep, and if nothing else has taught me that, I can look at my first Civ paper this quarter. Because ow. That one was bad.

Determination! (This entry is going to get edited to heck, yay!)

Edit 1 [7:06]: Dearest "Person whose name I've removed because he's way to easy to find's Music" on the wireless network. I heartily agree with your taste in music, and plan on facebook stalking you as soon as I figure out who you are, so I can go leave some sort of weird post-it note on your door. You have every band I had any hope of finding on the network here. Woo!

Edit 2: [7:20]: Wow, it is way too easy to stalk people if you know how the network works. He's one of the freshmen living in the room that should've been mine this year! (Not that I mind this one, but I do sort of miss the fifth floor, all things considered. But I so didn't just admit that.) Goshdarnit. Oh well, it makes leaving a post-it on his door easier. Darnit. More proof the fifth floor is cooler this year than it was last year. I guess it does fluctuate every other year.

Edit 3: [11:11]: I think I'm permanently stuck at six pages. Gah. I requested an extension on my Evo paper, because I'm going to need it. I'm near-dead. I think if I can get to 8 pages, I'll go to sleep... but somehow I'm afraid that won't be happening anytime soon. Sigh. Um, so... I still haven't heard anything on the creative writing class either. But right now I just really, really want this quarter to be over. I'm lonely because I'm busy and can't run away from my books and can't be myself. And I have a headache. I just want to sit down and read a book for fun. Write a little. Talk to people. Bler. Freaking winter quarter.

Edit 4: [11:36]: I'm torn... do I do my laundry now and stay up until three or four, or sit here and finish up the 8th page and go to sleep early? Decisions decisions. Laundry will probably involve reading more of Snow Crash, hmm... I wonder how much money I have left for laundry. Crap, not enough.

Edit 5: [11:47]: I suppose it'd be frowned upon if I went out into the hallways singing "It's the End of the World As We Know It", huh? Then again... if I sing it loud enough, for long enough, and get all the words right, maybe I'll get committed or something, and that'd get me out of writing these papers. Hmmm.

Edit 6: [1:26]: Still not committed. Still writing paper. I'm so sick of you, Chateaubriand. So very sick of you. (Don't even look at me, romaji. I see you over there, out of the corner of my eye. Don't you dare make that face at me. I'll get to you tomorrow.) Please let me have an extension please let me have an extension, please...

Edit 7: [1:41]: Sometimes I worry that it's a bad sign that I actually need to remind myself that if I keep throwing the bouncy-ball at the wall, eventually it's not going to go where I expect and knock something over. Maybe I should stop throwing bouncy balls at the walls. Goodness knows I've lost like, four. They tend to turn up a week later under the couch or something.
Ah... today's actually been a pretty productive day, all things considered. I got things done while sitting outside (in addition to talking to my sister for twenty minutes. She finally got her license! About time.) I have a thesis for my Fragments paper. Which is a major, major victory. I mean, it's only taken me since... last Thursday, I think. So now all I have to do is hope very much that I can pull ten pages out of this. I think I can, I think I can...

It eventually got a little chilly outside, though. (After I sat there talking and writing and taking pictures of a bee that landed on the bench and hung out for a while.) So I went to Harper, which is nice because it doesn't eat your soul. I think it might actually restore bits of it. So I sat in there and wrote some more (I'm up to about three pages now, but it's all very disjointed and summary-like). Sadly, Harper closes at five on weekends, so I got kicked out. On my way out, though, I was reading the spines of books, like I always do... and quite fortuitously walked past the section of Japanese history-type books I'd been unable to find by searching online. Victory! (Though I soon discovered that my bookbag was too small to hold my computer, camera, power cord, two other books, iPod, and notebooks, as well as these.) Harper library is still my hero.

So, I decided it'd be best for me to get more work done before heading back to the dorm, since it wasn't going to be quiet or anything. I took my sweet time getting to the Reg, though... I even sat down by Botany Pond for a while and wrote... though mostly I took pictures of the ducks and birds. I did hit another good point for my paper, though, I think. So, you know... progress. I think I also inadvertantly entertained several random families that were walking across campus. Oh, and Alpha Delt is so in trouble for getting Wonderwall stuck in my head. They were playing it loud enough that you could hear it all the way across the quads. I'd have this particular problem fixed if iTunes wasn't randomly deciding to garble my music. I thought it was because so many people were connecting to my library at once (yay, Reg during finals week. Perfect for pirating music.), but that didn't seem to be the problem. So now I restart the computer. Darnit, computer people, why did you not fix my sound card like I asked you to??

Edit 1 [6:12]: At least restarting helped. So, since I'm keeping myself here until at least 8 or 9, I'm going to be bored. However, since it's finals week and there's a ton of people in here, the wireless is overloaded, making it totally useless to try to sit on AIM until someone decides to IM me (especially since I have to stay invisible to keep people's buddy notifications from exploding every time I get bumped off the wireless and reconnect). So, if you're bored, e-mail me on my gmail account. Hopefully I won't ramble at you to the extent I did to poor [livejournal.com profile] sketchyheart yesterday... she got the full brunt of my Riza-musing... which went around in one giant circle, and eventually ate its tail and probably confused me more than I ever should've been confused about it. Yay!

Edit 2 [7:08]: Oh crap, fandom. Just hush up about Riza, okay? I can't believe I'm tired of it already but...yeesh. It's obvious none of us know what's going on. And honestly? Like, one in fifteen of your theories make the slightest bit of sense. Stop just... stop arguing about it. Please. Because I don't have the self control to make myself stop reading them, but I don't have the time to argue with people I don't already know. Alas.

Edit 3 [8:03]: A bee, and birds, because I took pictures while I was outside today. It's probably best that you not click if you're afraid of extreme close-ups of insecty-things, though. Hehe. Also, a new icon came from me sitting in the Reg photographing the wrapper to the Luna bar I'd grabbed at Bart Mart. It said "you are my beacons" before I realized I'd torn it right across the e, and if you moved it just so... well. It amused me. Random amuses me.
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( Mar. 7th, 2006 03:48 am)
Twelve hours ago I'm pretty sure I wrote something about intending to write my Civ paper and then didn't post it (because I knew it was a lie). Okay, maybe slightly less than twelve hours ago. But still a while ago. Yeah... I have a sentence written. The paper is due in eight hours. On the plus side, I'm not terribly tired yet. ... Unfortunately, it takes next-to-nothing to distract me from this paper. And I would like to get some sleep tonight. Eventually. (Okay, this morning. Tonight will be over long before I have enough of the paper done to take a nap). Oddly enough, I think this is a slightly better situation than I'd be in if I'd worried, fretted, and pecked away at it over the entire weekend. That just makes me sick of the paper. So, provided I can sit myself down soonish and get typing (at least I have an outline) I should be okay.

My roomie just came back... humming that blasted Fall Out Boy song. [livejournal.com profile] chocolatemoose? I'm blaming this on you, too. Even though it's probably more related to her unfortunate taste in music than your flat-out evilness.

I think I'll apologize to this entry now, because it's likely to have the crap edited out of it as the night goes on. For now, though... I promise myself I will get off the internet for an hour and write!

Edit 1: [4:45 AM] And, you know, since I forgot to mention this before... piratehughes@uchicago.edu is now a functioning e-mail address. And he will respond if you e-mail him. I haven't gotten around to the facebook account because, really, I have no idea what to put as his name (Pirate Hughes isn't something he'd write as his name, and going as far as Mad Hughes the Constant pushes it into the level of inside joke that will have the rest of facebook reacting with the wrong sort of wtf). I... clearly think way too much about totally random things. You should see the plot I'm about to start over at the rp. (Actually, it's best you don't. It involves time travel and the Hitchhiker's Guide... and possibly Ishbal War angst and the FUTURE.)

Edit 2: [5:57 AM] (One page) I've seen far too many sunrises this quarter. Oof. At least the Xenogears soundtrack is sort of making for good writing music. And, for the most part, I haven't actually hit the point where I don't know what to write about anymore. That's sort of a good sign, right? (Nevermind that I only have six mor hours to finish this.) And I have more than one decent point that I'd like to make. Maybe I'll be lucky and that'll warrant more than a B- on this paper. (As long as I don't get a C in this class, I think I'll be happy.)

Edit 3: [6:23] (One page) Oh. em. gee. Someone please turn off LJ or surgically remove my word processor from my computer/the internet. Ahhhh I have no desire to write this paper ahhhhh. Also, the sun turned the sky somewhat pretty for about fifteen minutes... and now everything is grey again. I'll blame my not-writing on that.

Edit 4: [6:33] (Page and a half) After trying and failing to convince myself that maybe thinking of Newton and Descartes as a pairing I had to justify in canon would help me write this, I have told myself that if I get this page done before seven, I'll let myself stand angstily by the window for a few minutes because that seems like a cool thing to do. ... Good morning, isn't it lovely that I always go nuts a little after six?

Edit 5: [7:38] (Three pages) Man, I'm bored. Now I have to start talking about Newton, and compared to Descartes' random assumptions and insanity, he's all... logical. And so I don't have much to say about him. Yay, these are his three laws, and they all make sense because he did actual experiments and believed that you could actually rely on your senses, because if you can't do that, what good does it do you? What's the point of conclusions from things you can't observe? Ahhh. I know it's going to be nine or something and my eyes will barely be open anymore and I'll really wish I'd gone to sleep instead of wasting all the time I did earlier. La la la.

Edit 6: [8:05] (4.5 pages) Well then... another page and a half and I've hit my requirement... and I think I still have a fair amount to say. I haven't even gotten into Newton's attacks on Descartes. This might just be a good sign. Woo! Maybe I won't fail this paper! Oh, and it's going to be warm this week! Almost 60 by Saturday, if the weather channel is to be trusted (which it isn't more than three days in advance). But I'm totally up for it being 47 today. Maybe that'll keep me awake.
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( Feb. 15th, 2006 07:29 am)
All right. I have a hot cup of tea, and three more pages to write on Coleridge. And about six hours to do it in. I think I'm doing all right (I mean, I got six hours of sleep. Some really, really weird dreams involving literal interpretation of New Pornographers songs, however that works, but sleep nonetheless. Oh, and there was something about running away from some supernatural thing on the Midway. Hmm. Probably had something to do with our dream-gnome. See, I've been suspicious that we've got a dream-something, since I've had that weird uber-real character-type problem in mine, but it didn't have a name until last night when I went into my bedroom to grab my pajamas. My roomie rolled over, half-sat up, and said "... Can we have a gnome?" Taking this for dream talk, I said something like "Oh, sure, if you want one." Then she laid back down and said grumpily "No, we have a gnome. It asked me something."

So... dream-gnome. I'm on to you. Now that I've been warned, I know what to look for.

Hmm... I suppose I could close the parentheses I started like, ten lines ago now.) There.

As odd as it is... this is probably a good sign I'm awake. Good. I think I can get back to work on this paper now. Let's hope a 54-line poem with a slightly-shorter introduction can actually get me five pages worth of essay, because I certainly can't change topics now. (I know I've got at least four pages... and it won't be the first time I've had to pad a paper like this. I am doing mental jumping jacks to get ready for this. Whoosh!)

[Edit] Also... there are no words for how much I miss having my laptop. Ones that aren't mine just aren't the same. I can't even waste time the same way, because I don't have my old programs. And the network sucks this morning, which is only making things worse. Oh, and the keys on this one so aren't full-sized. And the ctrl key is in a totally awkward spot, to say nothing of the delete key, which isn't even where human fingers could reach. And who on earth stuck the headphone jack in the back of the computer? Why is this whole thing a giant box. It's got to be the most uncomfortable laptop I've ever had to rest my hands on. Oh, and it randomly restarted twice yesterday, and I was terrified both times that it'd lost my Civ paper. And ctrl-alt-delete somehow doesn't bring up the task manager. At least I could tell what was going on with my laptop when it was tetchy.

Me? Complain about random, inconsequential things while writing papers? Nah.

... something smells like fish. Good, cooked and breaded fish. It's making me hungry. Darnit, it's probably coming from our phantom-cabbage vent. ... but who on Earth would be up at 9 in the morning making fish? And why won't they come downstairs and share? Unless it's that gnome...

[Edit the Second] All right, you evil, evil paper. I need another three-quarters of a page. I don't care if you don't think there's anything else I can write in you, you need to be done, and you need to be done before I finish listening to the Tain, because that gives me 18 minutes and then I'll have an hour and a half to finish my outline for Bio/Cultural Evolution. And possibly not die. Not dying would be awesome. Freaking papers.

[Edit the Third] Win! All I need's a conclusion... and it'll go onto the sixth page unless I only write a line of conclusion. ... Of course, I'm going to work on the Bio thing now before I do that because omg... excuse to stop sitting in front of the computer. Ahhh.

I am so taking a nap when I get home tonight. Or something. Or maybe reading. Or writing something I want to write. After I sleep. Mmm, at least class today is basically just for turning things in.

[Edit the Fourth] Ahhhh. I can't look at this stuff anymore. I wonder if I can get away with showing up to class for only a few minutes, then coming back here and sleeping some more. Ahhhh. Too many words!!!


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