Because I am also occasionally capable of planning ahead... it turns out I'm going to Pitchfork Music Festival again this year. I missed last year because 1) 3-day passes sold out quickly and 2) I didn't much care for the initial line-up. But so far this year we have Animal Collective, Cut Copy, TV on the Radio, Fleet Foxes, Woods, Destroyer... and that alone checks off a good number of Bands I've Been Meaning To See. Then there are the rumor lists, which host a few other Usual Suspects that I'd be more than happy to see. (I love the rumors that Arcade Fire will show up, but do I think it'll actually happen? Not really. Would my summer be that much more awesome if I could check them off of my list? Of course. Would I be surprised if, if they were actually playing, Pitchfork kept them a secret until after tickets were sold out just to be completely ridiculously obnoxious? No... no I would not. And so, if I was going to entertain a conspiracy theory... that would be the one I'd pick.)

So! Anyone going to be in Chicago in mid-July that wants to come along? We'll wear skinny jeans and flannel shirts and I'll give you a ride on the back of my bike (we'll be so two years ago, it'll be awesome).

I've bought... a lot of concert tickets in the last few weeks. It kind of makes up for last year being particularly barren in that regard.

Spam spam spammity spam, sorry. Anyone else notice how I occasionally have these phases where I'm all "doom, gloom! everything is useless I am useless blah!" and then a few days later "screw all of this, I am going to do ALL OF THE THINGS until I feel better"? Because I am definitely noticing a pattern.


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