Because I am also occasionally capable of planning ahead... it turns out I'm going to Pitchfork Music Festival again this year. I missed last year because 1) 3-day passes sold out quickly and 2) I didn't much care for the initial line-up. But so far this year we have Animal Collective, Cut Copy, TV on the Radio, Fleet Foxes, Woods, Destroyer... and that alone checks off a good number of Bands I've Been Meaning To See. Then there are the rumor lists, which host a few other Usual Suspects that I'd be more than happy to see. (I love the rumors that Arcade Fire will show up, but do I think it'll actually happen? Not really. Would my summer be that much more awesome if I could check them off of my list? Of course. Would I be surprised if, if they were actually playing, Pitchfork kept them a secret until after tickets were sold out just to be completely ridiculously obnoxious? No... no I would not. And so, if I was going to entertain a conspiracy theory... that would be the one I'd pick.)

So! Anyone going to be in Chicago in mid-July that wants to come along? We'll wear skinny jeans and flannel shirts and I'll give you a ride on the back of my bike (we'll be so two years ago, it'll be awesome).

I've bought... a lot of concert tickets in the last few weeks. It kind of makes up for last year being particularly barren in that regard.

Spam spam spammity spam, sorry. Anyone else notice how I occasionally have these phases where I'm all "doom, gloom! everything is useless I am useless blah!" and then a few days later "screw all of this, I am going to do ALL OF THE THINGS until I feel better"? Because I am definitely noticing a pattern.

From: [identity profile]

You forgot Das Racist!

Oh God, you're tempting me... I am very, very tempted. Must sleep on it.

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I... actually had no clue who Das Racist was until this morning! (Or rather, I'd heard Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, but that's it.) They're kind of off my radar completely.

I am an evil, evil temptress. (-:

From: [identity profile]

Hnnnnnnngh HIPSTERS. Diana says it's gotten worse out there with them, but nothing- NOTHING- could be as bad as Portland, right? At least Chicago is big enough to have some dilution of the plaid-pool or whatever. Fucking Animal Collective.

I keep eying tickets for the Soul'd Out fest here in April (also including Das Racist, incidentally), but April is already gonna be freaking brutal, and so far nobody's lined up that contradicts that fact quite hard enough.

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Unfortunately once pop culture has hit the point where you've got the cast of Glee prancing around in plaid while belting out MCR songs, you kind of know hipsterdom has reached that point where it's inescapable (I almost wrote "has reached critical mass" which is just... bad). The nice part about Chicago is that it's all divided up into neighborhoods, so the hipsters end up sort of self-segregating. Which is why I'm hiding out in Hyde Park.

Yeah, I tend to do the lineup stalking for a while. Usually festivals don't actually meet my "ticket price divided by acts I want to see" rule (no more than $20 per band) until the full lineup is announced.

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They wore plaid for the MCR number? Oh ugh that's just... I don't even know how to process that. Weird. Why is that show allowed to continue existing? I'm increasingly curious.

Yeah, that's what Diana was saying. I mean, that's how it was three years ago, too, but she was saying that the area we lived in was getting kinda nuts with the racial aggression-factor in its resistance against gentrification. Ew. I have no idea where I'm gonna end up... I seem to be pretty damn good at ignoring the general existence of hipsters until it's forcefully thrust upon me, but... Oh wow, go figure. I hear they've begun adopting Bieber in some sort of bizarre ritualistic route to self-destruction, I can only assume.

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Yeah, I saw that and was kind of o.O But I'm not sure how to correctly interpret 95% of what goes on in Glee... or really most TV shows that people seem to like en masse.

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I think it's cool MCR's music is getting used for something so widely distributed, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna watch it. I saw just the clip and was like AGH AGH ABORT, but I think that had more to do with Glee in general. I cannot deal with that show, I don't care whose songs they're covering.

/shrug According to Diana it's a *thing*. I have no idea. But yeah, no. You're so not hipster.

From: [identity profile]

I actually had no idea that it was an MCR song, except my instinct said "this is not usual Glee fare" and so I had to look it up. It manages to mangle most songs beyond recognition (also, mashing up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Michael Jackson was just bizarre and uncomfortable. I really wish I understood why I keep watching this show... I mean, why would I keep watching something I literally have to cover my eyes out of embarrassment for? I think I need help.)

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Dude, they mixed Michael Jackson with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? UGH WHAT WHY? Which songs? (Yeahno, it got to the point where I couldn't wince hard enough. I was wincing over winces. Just... no.)



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