To the three heathens that made me watch Luther:

Holy crap, you guys! That was amazing. I just... omg I want to marry that ending. It is very hard to get me to shout instructions at characters for like, fifteen straight minutes, but I so was. Also there was giggling and a muffled "oh my god." (The three of them are my OT3 of crime forever now, and I want criminal hijinks even though that would be completely angst-ridden, at least until Alice corrupted them properly. I was pretty cool toward her until the last episode, and then... yeah. ♥) I'm glad I waited until I had a free evening to finish the last two episodes together, though, because otherwise I'd be even more sleep deprived than I already am. Sigh. Actually, it had me from the moment Luther used the yawn trick. (I wanted to be the one to use that in popular entertainment.) Also the random out-of-nowhere nod toward Law and Order... But yeah... it's really all about those last two episodes.

Aaaand two two-hour specials this year? So excited!

As for the rest of you... you should probably watch Luther if you haven't already (I was a bit behind with this). Just saying. Everyone's life needs more British crime drama.

For those of you who are interested in nothing of the sort: I also made 16 pieces of spaghetti tonight that were each at least four feet long. It was awesome. But not at all in the same way Luther is.

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I just made my mom watch the first episode... she wasn't quite as excited about it as most of the rest of us, although I think she liked it more than Lauren did. And really, as much as I liked the first episode, it gets better as you go along, so... maybe I'll tie her down and make her watch a few more. The next time I see her. Which will be in May. : \

I just... I'm completely baffled because I freaking ADORE that show, and I watch it with Lauren or my mother and I'm like... are we not watching the same thing?! ...I think with my mother the problem was it was not as silly as, say, Sherlock, which we'd just watched the day before. She likes Sherlock.

...Which nod toward Law and Order was that? (Also, how upset are we that they just up and canceled the original L&O out of nowhere, without giving them a chance to write an ending?!)

Your spaghetti sounds awesome indeed. But definitely not in the same way Luther is. And probably with fewer anger issues.

...Have you seen Misfits yet? I'm busy working my way through Season One.

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I think if you're not already coming at it expecting it to be really great the first few episodes probably feel a little formulaic and very... I dunno, emotionally dense? And if you don't connect with it in that way it probably doesn't work at all (though I maintain the last episode would be awesome no matter your level of involvement with the characters... just not as awesome).

In the 5th episode, he has Justin send the details to "Detective Munch in New York, he's special victims unit." So, even without L&O proper at least some part of the universe lives on. (-;

I have not seen Misfits, nor had I actually heard of it until this point. How am I so completely out of the loop on these things?

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Ahhhhh, that's fabulous, I completely missed that!

I've only just acquired the habit from Becca (as of, like, yesterday), and she just acquired the habit recently herself, never mind that the show's two seasons in. I think maybe I'd heard the name before? ...So, you're not alone in out-of-the-loopness. BUT YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. IT'S FABULOUS.
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I'm just going to reply so I can use a Misfits icon.

I hadn't heard of Misfits until recently, either. It's sort of like if Skins and season one of Heroes had a baby that was better than both combined. It's about 5 British kids on probation who, while doing their community service, get hit by ~MAGIC LIGHTNING and get ~SUPER-POWERS. HOW CAN ANYONE RESIST A PLOT SUMMARY LIKE THAT?

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I am so glad you guys are here to instantly supply me with other ridiculous addictions when I run out.

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You're right... I cannot resist that kind of plot summary.

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I meant to watch that show when it was airing on BBCA, but just...never got around to it. I'll have to get around to it soon! It looked really compelling.

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It is! And, I mean, I already adored Idris Elba beforehand, so there's that bias to start... but even without that it has my seal of approval. (Though there does seem to be some small but statistically significant percentage of people seem to be unable to get into the first few episodes. Which is a shame, because there are only 6 and the last two are fantastic.) (-:
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I had three hours of sleep last night (Ange's fault) and I've been tutoring all day so my brain is mush at this point, so I'll express my opinions as simply as possible:


TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME. Mark and Luther and Alice make the best-est threesome of vigilante awesome. Also, I love Sergeant Hufflepuff. Okay, I know he has an actual name, but I much prefer giving them all nicknames. The really earnest one who remains ~loyal despite everything.

I'm going to stop trying to put together coherent sentences now.

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Until the moment they were all standing there at the end I didn't even know how badly I wanted awesome hijinks for the three of them but... but yes. Yes I do.

Thanks, I don't think I'll be able to think of him as anything but Seargeant Hufflepuff ever again. (Nothing wrong with Hufflepuffs, darnit!)

... I need to get my hands on some Luther icons.

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... I like long spaghetti. :) It would be delicious with pesto and prawns.

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For some reason I am just thrilled that I have the ability now to make pasta of absolutely any length I want. I could, given enough dough, make spaghetti of infinite length. The only problem was I had to cut it to get it out of the pan in anything other than a huge lump. (I ate it with clam sauce and veggies, but now you've got me thinking of pesto and prawns and I'm going to have to make more...)

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Oh man... I totally can see the appeal in that. I have never made my own spaghetti, but it does sound like fun. And I love the flavor and texture of freshly-made pasta. So, so good. I am jealous. :(

Also this is making me hungry, which is kind of unfair as I have felt slightly nauseous all day for some unknown reason and skipped dinner as a result. I don't think food would stay in my stomach long. But I want pasta now. :(((((

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Oh boo! I hope you're feeling better today, at least. I'll stop menacing you with tales of pasta, just in case. (-:

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And that's like, as much exuberance as you're gonna get out of me for the next three days or something. BUT. IT'S THERE.


I knew you would.

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Yay! Don't worry, your exuberance quota can be completely filled at another time. (-; I just wanted to flail at you guys, rather than continue staring slack-jawed at the screen and wanting more.


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