To the three heathens that made me watch Luther:

Holy crap, you guys! That was amazing. I just... omg I want to marry that ending. It is very hard to get me to shout instructions at characters for like, fifteen straight minutes, but I so was. Also there was giggling and a muffled "oh my god." (The three of them are my OT3 of crime forever now, and I want criminal hijinks even though that would be completely angst-ridden, at least until Alice corrupted them properly. I was pretty cool toward her until the last episode, and then... yeah. ♥) I'm glad I waited until I had a free evening to finish the last two episodes together, though, because otherwise I'd be even more sleep deprived than I already am. Sigh. Actually, it had me from the moment Luther used the yawn trick. (I wanted to be the one to use that in popular entertainment.) Also the random out-of-nowhere nod toward Law and Order... But yeah... it's really all about those last two episodes.

Aaaand two two-hour specials this year? So excited!

As for the rest of you... you should probably watch Luther if you haven't already (I was a bit behind with this). Just saying. Everyone's life needs more British crime drama.

For those of you who are interested in nothing of the sort: I also made 16 pieces of spaghetti tonight that were each at least four feet long. It was awesome. But not at all in the same way Luther is.
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