1) The lemon balm and mint I had last year are sprouting leaves in my back porch planter. I wasn't expecting anything to come back, since I was pretty sure my back porch was deadly for plants. Hooray for being lazy and not pulling things up when they died back last year! (I also have a giant mango seed I want to try to germinate, but I kind of doubt that's going to work out at all.)
2) I have this idea that involves zombies and lately it's been like each brain cell that's thinking of zombies is infecting the nearest cells as well. Within a few days I think my brain will be producing nothing but thoughts about zombies. Oh well.
3) I keep thinking it's Friday because of catastrophic failure at work. My brain has just decided that this week is over, whether the inexorable march of time agrees or not.
4) It seems like another migration to Dreamwidth is underway. I'm probably not going to give up until LJ dies completely (or at least until something other than [community profile] scans_daily shows up on my reading page). But, should we all disappear here, I'm still [personal profile] evilhippo over there. (And I have two invite codes, should anyone need them.)
5) I keep wanting to rewrite my entry from last night so I can compare my 1am style to my 10pm style but... I think I probably have enough writing to do. (There's so much stuff that's missing! But I'm pretty sure you'll all live just fine without extra information about what John Darnielle was wearing and exactly how many people were playing the piano during the encore.)

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Do you know anything they're not telling us about the DDOS stuff? I get the news when it pops up on my LJ, but otherwise I'm in the dark. ...Should I actually be worried about LJ going down permanently? (That seems unlikely to me....)

If I lose LJ, someone will PAY.

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I kind of doubt it'll go down forever but, you know, fandom likes to angst and imagine the apocalypse (and some people seem to still be stewing over Strikethrough which was what, four years ago?) I did a bit of research earlier tonight, but all I could find were some vague theories that the Russian government was behind it. So... who knows what the heck is going on. I guess it makes more sense that it would be over the Russian bloggers, since LJ's English-speaking contingent is mostly fandom, and the only people I could think of that'd DDOS fandom are 4chan, and they're currently all distracted by My Little Pony, as far as I can tell.

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I heard something about it being an attack on a specific Russian user that unfortunately has been attacking the rest of us. I had had the same thoughts about 4chan, and lol, yes, they're totally distracted by ponies, and I couldn't figure out why they'd want to attack LJ anyway. (Oh god let's hope they don't get any ideas. ...Although if we could get Anonymous to attack our attackers, that would be sweet.)

TL,DR; Russia is to blame. FUCK RUSSIA. LJ never should've gone there, it's caused nothing but annoyances.

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This is the most informative post I have seen... but take it with a grain of salt because I'm not sure how valid any of the ideas in that article actually are. I wish there was more information. But yes, it is basically Russia's fault and has nothing to do with the rest of us, which is super annoying. I don't expect they will actually take LJ down at all, but they sure are determined, whoever they are, to have kept this up for this long. Still, this is the internet. I give it another week or two tops before the DDoSers get bored and give up. And a week or two is forever in internet time so maybe it will be even less than that.

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Thanks, it's good to get any kind of news at all, even if we're not sure how true it is yet. And yeah, I was surprised to still be having this problem, too. I expect you're right, it should go away.

I'm not expecting too much trouble, but again... if LJ actually goes down, I WILL BE REALLY UPSET.


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