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And a few things that have nothing to do with Portland:

So guys... "The Doctor's Wife"? This ought to be a lot of fun. I'm enjoying the fandom implosion, and I think this calls for a friendly wager on what will and will not happen in this episode. My initial theory was that there's a married medical doctor somewhere and his wife is important to the plot. I'm pretty certain there will not be an actual marriage, though it's harder to be all semantic with "wife" than it is with "daughter." So, instead, I am wagering that the Doctor will end up married to the TARDIS, and it will be a story about the TARDIS itself. Anybody else?

Here is some space in case you were worried about being spoilt by the title somehow and were just trying to reply or something.

You think it's a long way to the chemist but that's just peanuts to:

Also, I wish I wasn't overcommitted for writing right now, because there are some awesome prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth's current round of prompting. Maybe one of you is bored and wants to write a Toy Story/"Blink" crossover. Or, better yet, Sesame Street/House of Leaves. (Me, I'm seriously considering the This American Life prompt, because apparently I am fixated on fictionalized NPR... and podfic, though that doesn't seem to technically be a category I will make it so.)

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

I am not so much enjoying the fandom implosion. "It has to be a fake title, because River isn't in the episode, and it's been practically confirmed that she's his wife."

Ok. First of all: this is Doctor Who. "Practically confirmed" is meaningless--only slightly more so than "actually confirmed".

Second: NOT EVEN! I wouldn't mind for River to be his wife, at some distant unspecified future date I never have to actually witness for more than a moment of montage. BUT the show has in no way confirmed her to be the Doctor's wife.

Thirdish: it pretty much has been confirmed that the Doctor's had other wives. He supposedly married Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth I. And unless the LOOOMS turn out to be canon, he very well might have procreated with a female lady wife-type character in the past. (No, he never mentioned marriage in connection to being a father, and he doesn't need to have been married to have a family, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that he was.)

People at [livejournal.com profile] doctoreleven were speculating on a Firefly, "Our Mrs. Reynolds"-style marriage mishap, and I can only say: I highly approve. I want to see the Doctor and cultural miscommunication/accidental marriage hijinks.

There is nothing sacred in my life. Except Sesame Street. THOU SHALT NOT SULLY/CREEPIFY SESAME STREET! The end. :P
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From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

I think that's what amuses me about the reaction, actually. People are arguing like we have anything solid to go on, when Who canon is wonky to begin with and we just rewrote the universe. Also we have a showrunner that loves screwing around with people, so anything that is implied, winked about, or all the way up to "confirmed" still has a pretty high percentage of being nonsense (I may have learned to laugh at this behavior by watching Homestuck fandom, though. It has a notoriously wank-baiting creator and a fanbase that thinks everything makes perfect sense). I'm also not trying to participate in any of the arguments, though, which is probably why it doesn't bother me so much that people are bonkers. The looms are so canon, I don't care what canon says! ^_^

I would love to see the Doctor accidentally getting married. That'd be way more awesome than all the other scenarios everyone seems to be focusing on. Though I don't think that's quite Gaiman's style... I keep picturing some kind of Bride of Frankenstein sort of scenario when I think of the fact that he wrote it. (Then again, it could be an accidental occult wedding. That'd make sense for Gaiman.)

>.> The way I'm thinking of the Sesame prompt, it's sort of possible to do without creepifying Sesame Street too much (or rather, without making the characters themselves creepy, or damaging their innocence irreparably, which are things I don't condone). I've been thinking of it as a children's book warning them to stay away from the , complete with a bonus lesson about the problems of infinity ("Hallways can be lots of sizes. If Big Bird lies down in this hallway, you can fit eight more Big Birds. Count them! No one knows how many Big Birds long this hallway is. This hallway is bad. Stay out of this hallway.")

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

That's just it! It's Neil Gaiman! Of course nothing will be straight-forward about the episode!

An "accidental occult wedding", huh? I could be down for that! It's about time Doctor Who shook off the whole "it's a family show!" BS! The show could be so fantastically dark and twisted! (Not all the time, but: every once in awhile. The way the X Files was irreverent and funny every once in awhile, only...opposite. Yeah.)

I don't doubt you could do amazing things with that prompt. If the muse should strike and you find it necessary to creepify my childhood, you have my blessing! (Most of my childhood is already rather creepy. Do you remember Zoobilee Zoo, or are you too young? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that show is single-handedly responsible for my anthropomorphism squick.)

From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

I've always just assumed that the UK had a much more lenient take on "family show", so anything can happen except graphic sex and red blood. Then again, I watched the X-Files with my dad all the time, so that was technically a family show, too. (-; (Doctor Who as reverse X-Files... hmmm...)

The muse is taunting me right now, and has been for the last couple of months. There are a lot of things that seem like great ideas, and sometimes I even get as far as fun scenes, but nothing ever coalesces around them. (This is, incidentally, how I got myself kicked out of [livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh. The other 3/4 of it involved improbably-timed LJ downtime and a mountain. Oops.) I'm just hoping I can whip the two fics I'm working on for [livejournal.com profile] sherlockmas into shape this weekend. I've got a feeling the Sherlock in Baltimore one is going to be woefully short, and that makes me sad.

(Mercifully I seem to have been too young for Zoobilee Zoo. I watched bits of it on youtube just now though and... yeah. That was a bit frightening. I really, really don't like adults in makeup and animal costumes trying to pander to kids... I can see why it would ingrain a permanent squick.)

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

What what what?! Kicked out of [livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh?! Oh noes!

I didn't turn in a fic this round, either, but it's the first time I've failed to do so. Dammit, if I weren't...whatever the hell it is I am...for Team Sherlock, I'd probably walk away from the comm!

Short fics are fine! Honestly, when I was designing the fest for [livejournal.com profile] sherlockmas I knew people were going to take on more than they could finish, which is why I didn't put a minimum word limit on entries. (Also: don't despair if you need more time! I'm going to offer it to people once the deadline's closer. I just wanted to drill APRIL 5 into everyone's heads to encourage planning ahead.)

I am afraid to go to YouTube and see what clips might be out there... Just the photos I turned up when Googling the spelling of 'Zoobilee' were harrowing enough! From what I remember, it was on PBS sometime after Sesame Street. Sweet, safe Sesame Street...

From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

It's probably for the best, because my entry was quite possibly the worst thing that would've ever been submitted. (Mostly because I'd tortured the idea mercilessly to even get it to 500 words.) I managed to miss the first round this cycle, too, on account of being about 50 words short at deadline. (That one was a pretty flimsy idea too, though.)

Don't tell me there will be more time! You know I'll take it and now that I know it's there, it means I'm going to spend another week not quite worrying about getting the Baltimore fic done. (The Benjamin Franklin fic went in a bit of a different direction than I thought it would, and in order to finish it I might just forget about making it sound good and then find someone to con into helping me edit it.)

Honestly, I just watched the opening theme. That was enough for me. I didn't look any further into the depths of youtube for more. (I'm wondering if I saw it and just forgot about it... I would've been 2 when it stopped being produced. Perhaps I've repressed the memory. (-;)

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

Don't tell me there will be more time!

Gah, sorry! This is why I made the deadline before the start of the posting in the first place: I know most people have a complex psychological relationship with deadlines, and need to be tricked into meeting them. I knew there were going to be people who would need more time to finish, no matter how much time they had to begin with, and since I do not like listening to excuses, I just built "extra" time into the schedule. (Personally, I just get things done at the last minute, and leave it at that! Normal and healthy, right? :P)

ANYWAY, would it help if I were meaner and told you I expect to have it in by the deadline OR ELSE? (Also, I should be around this weekend if you need any help. Just sayin'.)

Perhaps I've repressed the memory. (-;)

It would be well worth repressing, I can tell you!

From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

Yeah... I'm awful at deadlines. Unless there's some kind of humiliation hinging on it, or disappointment of people other than me, it tends not to get done (or it gets done and I decide it's not good enough).

I will probably bug you this weekend, then. I'm feeling a little better about the imaginary deadline than I was, though, since I figured out the story arc last night. (I'm not sure if I'm in a good mood because of that, or generally in a good mood, but I'm hoping it holds through tomorrow so I'm not back to being a cynical beasty-thing this weekend. People made fun of me for smiling at work today. That's always a bad sign...)

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

I can arrange for some sort of humiliation to occur, if that will help...

Do bug me, by all means! Looking over your stuff will encourage me to get working on my own commitments. (I still haven't decided which other prompts I'm going to make icons and/or fanmixes for. That should be a pleasant afternooon's labor.)

God, I love those Yip Yip aliens! I need to find them on YouTube...if I watch that, and the video of the twin babies "talking" to each other again, I think I'll be pretty set for an awesome night!

People made fun of me for smiling at work today. That's always a bad sign...

Oh noes! If it makes you feel any better, people make fun of me for smiling too much. (Oh, if the children only knew what I was thinking about them on the inside while smiling on the outside!) I think the best thing to do in that situation is to broaden your smile and greet them with a cheery "fuck you!" :P


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