There may come a time when you ask yourself "What does [ profile] evilhippo make of Portland?" At that time, this may not be the best place to look, since I'm writing this on about 4 hours of sleep, most of which was on trains and planes. But! So far Portland has been about sandwiches and food carts and things that are not flat and sushi on conveyor belts and buildings that look like (and are) from the old west. Also my complete failure at having seen or read anything useful, the habit of forgetting what I'm looking for anytime I am within 15 feet of a bookstore, a poor misguided hipster cat that apparently harbors an affection for my bag (and shredding my hand), and people I've never heard of being the equivalent of 9 small dogs and a pretzel. Oh, and donuts shaped like people and full of delicious jelly.

So, to summarize: Portland is about food, weird things, and food. Only time will tell if I'm correct in this. We'll see tomorrow, I suppose.

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Food, weird things, and food... Yeah that sounds about right. That's what I go into Portland for, anyway. XD

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Haha yup those are some of Portland's more redeeming qualities :)

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They're definitely positive traits in a place. I also can't get over the fact that there are hills and mountains... the entire midwest is just flat, I don't know how to interpret all these hills and buttes and things.


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