It's after 8, I just got home, I'm tired... but sometimes very random things cheer me up. For example, the last 24 hours of tweets from @MayorEmanuel. It's a touching, surreal story of a vulgar man getting in touch with the city he's trying to win over. (It's a story about hide-and-seek, fermented baby food, a tower of dibs chairs, and the disembodied heart of Studs Turkel.)

Really, it's a good thing most of the other candidates have been kind of unconvincing because the Cult of Rahm produces some very entertaining stuff, and I hope to see it continue. And the best part is that Rahm actually sort of endorses it (and I mean, what else do you do with a reputation like his?) In fact, he offered to donate to the writer's charity of choice if they revealed themselves (most people think it's someone within his campaign, though, so he might just be looking to show them some stabs for making people think he hangs out with a duck).

Definitely the most entertaining local election I've ever been witness to, though. Did I mention one of our candidates calling someone a crackhead? Oh Illinois politics. I ♥ you so.

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And the Pat the Bunny bunny comes running over, and hops into my arms. And he's so motherfucking soft, I could pat him forever.

I don't understand you kids and your Twitter. *shakes head*

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Well, it's just easier to transfer my pre-existing hatred of Twitter onto this new and confusing situation.

I mean, I can't exactly go blaming Pat the Bunny, can I?

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I think the best thing to blame might be the dibs-related detritus. The amazing thing (which I just found out) is that the city actually calls an end to "dibs" once the snow starts melting enough. Dibs ended yesterday.

I suppose you could blame Pat the Bunny, but he'd feel bad and then he might not be as soft. (I'm actually having a hard time not peppering everything with expletives, but that might be a pre-existing condition from this afternoon.)

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And here's where I go "Oh... I guess it's a Chicago thing and not a car-ownership thing." (And google appears to confirm this.) Dibs is Chicago people digging out street parking and then putting old busted up junk in the spot to hold it until they come back.

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Ohhhh K. I figured it was something like that. I know the concept of calling dibs, but not of piling crap in the street to save a parking spot.

Very funny that there's an official policy on the practice.

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Yeah, I pretty much only know dibs as general "calling dibs" but around here I've pretty much only heard it in regards to parking spaces. So much so that one of the newspapers actually asked all the mayoral candidates what their stance on 'dibs' was. (One of them actually didn't seem to know what it meant, which I'd totally excuse except she'd also spent most of her campaign trying to convince everyone that she hadn't been MIA in Chicago for the last ten years.)

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WHAT. WHAAAAAAT. asdfjklgh

...Yes, okay, you guys win local politics. Wtf.

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Really, it's only every once in a while that Chicago pulls something interesting off, though. I have to enjoy it while it lasts. (That, and the 50-degree weather.) (-:


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