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([personal profile] evilhippo Feb. 1st, 2011 08:15 pm)
As a lifelong midwesterner, I'm naturally a skeptic about big snow storms. Everyone is always "Oh! Lots of snow tonight!" "Oh, it's going to be a blizzard." And then in the morning there are three inches or less and it's just mildly inconvenient.

But! Finally, it looks like we have one that's going to live up to the hype. Part of Wrigley Field blew off, there are already two-foot snow drifts in my backyard, you couldn't see three feet out the bus window on the way home... it's pretty awesome.

However, my skeptic's instinct remained in effect in regards to the forecast for "15-20 foot waves"... until recently, when I came across this: "A lakefront flood warning went into effect at 6 p.m. because of the possibility of 25-foot wind-whipped waves crashing through the ice along the shore and washing over Lake Shore Drive."

I already walked almost a mile in this. Someone please remind me that it's a bad idea to walk out to the lake and see. No matter how much I want to. (But seriously, when else am I going to get to see 25-foot waves on Lake Michigan?? I have boots! And a down coat! I can make it, right?)

I also need to stop treating tonight like tomorrow's a snow day. Even though the courts are closed and the Chicago Public Schools are closed and every business in the area is closed, the CTA is still running and it was made clear to me that, if there's a way for me to get to work tomorrow, I'm expected to be there. Sigh. Maybe my doors will freeze closed (and then I'll climb out the window and play--the last blizzard I remember was like, 1993, and it was so much fun. I mean, I was 8, but whatever. It's not like snow is any different now. Even if I'm technically expected to work. If Lake Shore freezes solid because of those waves it's fair to say I can't make it to work, right? Even though it's entirely possible for me to get to work on the train...)

Edit (A few minutes later)... Just went outside and the door froze behind me. Maybe not trying that again. Maybe grabbing a can of lock de-icer and my boots...

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

I have a snow day tomorrow. On the one hand: YAY SNOW DAY!

On the other: BOO, no work = no pay.

On the other other: MOTHERFUCKER, I was supposed to see the Decemberists tomorrow night and the show has been POSTPONED for the night I have tickets to see the PIXIES!

(Why yes, this major weather event is all about me...)

You stay indoors where it's safe and warm, Missy! *wags finger*

From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

Boo! Call the Decemberists up and remind them that a crowd full of people in Chicago watched them in a thunderstorm/torrential downpour and they still played! Have they suddenly become wusses?! I'm sure they were far more likely to die in Millennium Park than they are in the blizzard. (-;

My bosses have to pay me whether we have a snow day or not. Which is probably why we don't have a snow day. ^_^

From: [identity profile] apple-pathways.livejournal.com

I wish there were SOMEONE I could complain to! I mean, come on: am I the ONLY one who bought tickets to both shows? (There's gotta be at least some overlap between Decemberists and Pixies fans, right?)

Yeah, I do think I'd rather stay home than not. Just remind me I said that when I get my next paycheck!

From: [identity profile] evilhippo.livejournal.com

There's definitely got to be some overlap. I think it probably came down to when they could fit it into their schedule, but that can't be the only midwest show they're postponing, either. Booo, scheduling!


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