So far, my trips to the Art Institute have gone along themes:

1) With [ profile] sketchyheart: mostly sculpture and Asian art, along with Shiva (which I dropped my light meter on). Some wandering through the loop of paintings.
2) With my mom: mostly impressionist art. Did the giant loop of paintings, touched on some American art.
3) By myself: mostly photography, and the medieval weaponry (it's in storage now, so I can no longer show people the Gun Targe and the spearcaneswordgun. Pah!)
4) With [ profile] euthymic: Loop of paintings, modern art (which we criticized for fun), and the Dali-Picasso-etc. section.
5) With Joe: Lots of sculpture and cultural pottery, followed by Uncomfortable Furniture Through the Ages. There were even random bits of furniture where there'd never been furniture before, like with the dadaist stuff.

My conclusions are as follows: the Art Institute morphs into completely random things depending on who you're with, occasionally bordering on the completely anthropological; the Art Institute gets larger with every visit (this is less of a revelation given the fact that they just added an entire other wing, but goshdarnit it's not even open yet and there were still dozens of rooms I hadn't ever seen before). Also, note of advice: don't try to get into the museum with a pineapple. It doesn't work.

The Grave Guardian Beast is still my favourite, though. I hope they don't ever put him in storage.


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