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([personal profile] evilhippo Feb. 13th, 2011 10:29 pm)
Psh, I knew the Arcade Fire sold out this year. What else does an Album of the Year Grammy mean, right?

A moment of silence while I re-contemplate my taste in music. Also, to decide which of my hats looks tastiest (mercifully when I made that bet I excluded the hat on my head, which happened to be my favorite). Frak, they won over Lady Gaga, I mean... what? I figured my hats were entirely safe!

I'm going to pretend that this has some bearing on my life and go to bed happy. (But man, I wasn't even watching the Grammys and it was tedious.)

P.S.: This photo was mostly for the benefit of the winner of the bet, but... the brown one looked tastiest, and I haven't worn it in a while (plus it's not fuzzy, nor is it my Sherlock Holmes hat).
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