So much on my mind lately. I think that pretty much comes with having four classes, though. It keeps me... conscious, I suppose. I let so much slide by when I've only got three classes, and now I've got four, my BA to finish up, a PE class, and I'm thinking about picking up another part-time job.

Quite obviously, I haven't hit my stride yet this quarter. Hopefully I'll be forgiven tomorrow for having nothing to talk about in my Medieval Lit class. The reading's several thousand lines long, and I don't have the chops to deal with that much Middle English. And I'm a bit more worried about my Renaissance Drama class, since there are only two other people to carry the conversation (though it looks like there are four people registered now. That's kind of a comfort.) The books still aren't in for my 18th century lit class, and I'm going to do my Graphic Novel reading between classes, since I'll have nothing better to do.

I realized today, while watching a movie for the class, that a large part of what bothers me about the ridiculous... I don't want to call them outsiders, but I will anyway... the ridiculous opinions the outsiders have is that their repertoire of symbols and ideas is completely devoid of the self-referential and just plain odd tropes that the outskirts of pop culture has. There was something our main talky econ major said that just shocked me, while he was expressing his shock at something that I wouldn't even have blinked an eye at, because I've seen it in dozens of other forms. I know that not everyone here is in the same form of geekdom, but I had no idea that there were people that were in a part of the metaphorical venn diagram that not only doesn't overlap mine, but doesn't overlap anything at all that overlaps my section of the diagram. A part of the venn diagram that is completely hypothetical to me. In the same way that my bit (which I get a bit territorial about, apparently, especially in regard to critiquing it) is apparently hypothetical to them. (I can't call graphic novels/comics my bit, but they are one of the bits of the diagram that overlaps mine, so I feel a bit more possessive). And it's the same thing for the English majors. They've got the literary analysis thing down, but (and this is a bad habit I have all the time, too), the usual practice is to take things somewhat on their own, without looking at their place in culture. And nothing we're used to dealing with, as English majors, really touches upon things that are a part of pop culture. That's just... unusual, and we don't have the tools for it. And I suppose my frustration at these people is that I've spent an unnecessary amount of time playing around in a kind of pop culture, and I've devoted an unneeded amount of time to thinking about it (fine, I'll admit to wanting to write an essay analyzing Heroes in terms of the tradition of the Comics Code. It'd be disturbingly easy. And fun.), so when they jump up with some kind of whacked-out revelation, my first instinct is to think "Hush, I thought of that years ago..." followed by "...and it's not even true." It's almost like I'm pretending this is my area of expertise. (I have no area of expertise, and it'd do me good to remember this.)

Also, I'm less afraid of the class now because a lot of people didn't show up for the movie screening tonight. And most of the ones that did laughed at the right things.

In unrelated class-type news, I'm actually considering buying a pair of ballet shoes. Not because I need them, but because they're comfy, and my ballet class will be a good excuse. (Same goes for the comfy pants I'm going to have to find and buy, since at best I've only got about one pair.) So, I've got myself a trip downtown sometime this weekend, when I'm not working on my BA (which I imagine I'll be working on most of Friday and Saturday, since I'm kind of behind again, and want to do a lot of rearranging. Anyone care to give me a hand with read-overs of the first chapter and such? At this point, I'm paranoid that my changes will make things worse, and it'd be useful to have people to talk me out of my paranoia. And hopefully get me though the extra chapter or two I have to have done by April 9th.)

I love being busy. I feel so much more useful. And it's keeping my mind off the fact that this is my last quarter here. Be happy for that, because otherwise I'd be a horrible nostalgic sap at this point, and it'd only get worse as the months went on. (You're lucky I have better things to write about. And dubiously better things to do.)


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