All four classes on Tuesday and Thursday doesn't seem like it'll be as horrible as it could be. And I have an hour and a half in the middle of the afternoon which I promise myself I will use for swimming laps so I won't be in horrible shameful shape all quarter. (My goals! They are... kind of odd. Oh well.)

There are only three people in my Renaissance Urban Drama class. I'm going to have to withhold my judgment on that one for about a week, so I can figure out whether it's going to be really awkward all quarter, or awesome. The other girl seems kind of uptight and icky, but the guy (he was in my Hum class first year, oddly enough) seems cool enough. It's possible we'll survive. As long as I can overwrite my discovery today, which was that the prof has David Tennant's eyes and hair. The glasses threw me off for a good hour, then I noticed it and couldn't stop seeing him as a slightly shrunk version of him (as long as I didn't look at his mouth). It was nine in the morning... that's my defense.

Medieval English Lit is going to be a chore, since everything is going to be staying in Middle English. But, we don't have to know it, since everything will be annotated. And it's cool to read in Middle English. And, quite possibly the strongest mark in its favour is that the prof reads things aloud in Middle English (it sounds kind of like English rendered with a really, really heavy Scottish accent. Which makes me think of Highlander, unfortunately.)

Irony in 18th century lit should be pretty tolerable. It's definitely a class that I'm only looking forward to the reading in, though. The prof seems interesting, though she's almost unnaturally skinny. She looks Irish, and (as I could've told you in the first five minutes of class, when she managed "aboat" and "soory" within 30 seconds of each other) is Canadian. All irrelevant facts, really. But there they are. Mostly, I'm taking this class because we're reading Tristram Shandy, and I want an excuse to read that.

Then there's "The Graphic Novel." Which, by my analysis, should be the coolest of my classes. I don't know why I went into this class expecting that it wouldn't be full of pretentious English majors and other annoying ilk, but I did. This is obviously my first mistake, so I'll give it a few more days before I go off on a long "Holy crap, annoying people" tangent. But I'd say 75% of the class is totally clueless on comics of all but the standard newspaper sort and (just as I thought) 300 and other such movies. Honest, 300 and Spiderman are the ones that came up. People could at least take the class because of Sin City. Please? Also, there's a contingent of about 5 especially clueless and vocal econ majors. I wouldn't mind them if they weren't so vocal. And clueless. And since there are five of them, they make up a full fifth of the class. That is bad. So, I think for Thursday I'll make an effort to stop looking at most of the class as annoying, and maybe it won't be so bad. But unfortunately right now, this is the one class I'm closest to dropping, because group projects are a good half of my grade, and if less than half of the class is tolerable, the chances of being in a tolerable group are quite slim, especially considering my usual luck with groups. Gah.
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