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I think this might be the earliest I've been able to make a "Hey guys, these are my classes!" post. This makes me very happy, on top of the happy I already am over my classes. So, my schedule for this quarter looks like this:

CRWR 27100 TV Writing: The Sitcom -- W/F 10:30AM - 12:20PM
- Taught by a guy who's got an Emmy and can fill the entire class time with rambling commentary on the industry and random factiods about writers and actors. It's also going to actually involve collaborative writing, and the goal in the end is to have a sample script that should be good enough to get you a job, should you want one. (The unusual catch to this is that, largely, these sample scripts should be for a show that's already on. That makes this the second class that has incidentally involved a form of fanfiction. This is also the only class I've had that has offered any direction towards how to find a job. Odd that this is the one, eh?) In the first day of class, I also managed to get myself labeled as the snob because, as we went around the room naming our favourite sitcoms and I grasped for something that wasn't Seinfeld, Scrubs, or the Office (the latter two having been mentioned once already, and Seinfeld having been named by almost everyone, since almost no one will argue with you), I mentioned Frasier. Apparently you have to be a snob to enjoy it. I'm still torn on whether I want to play the part of the snob, or let it fall by the wayside. Roleplaying probably isn't the best idea for a collaborative writing class, though. Oh, and I just finished my homework for tonight--reading a gossipy Hollywood book and watching Arrested Development (which made me laugh out loud far more than any show I've seen in a long time). Thank goodness for the token less-academic class.

CRWR 29200 Thesis Seminar: Fiction -- Wed 12:30PM - 03:20PM
- I'm just going to say this class is terrifying. Mostly because of the deadlines incidental to me writing my senior project. The class itself isn't that bad (aside from the five hours straight of writing classes on Wednesday thing), and will probably actually be fun because it seems like the group we have is pretty cool, and the instructor is a lot more enthusiastic and laid-back than my previous instructor. In fact, she's the first writing-related person here that hasn't approached us as a bunch of slacker-skeptics who probably have no interest in doing the work. I'll be fine as long as I don't think about how I have two chapters due a week from tomorrow. Omg.

ENGL 16500 Shakespeare-1: Hist/Comedies -- T/Th 01:30PM - 02:50PM, F 1:30-2:20
- Shakespeare again, so I'm sure we all know what to expect from this. Only this time it's with David Bevington, who is one of the Shakespeare guys. Oddly, I'm not as intimidated by this as I thought I'd be. He's one of those friendly-looking old professors, and he's already thrown a party for everyone, so he's more than cool in my book. He's not as bouncy as my previous prof, but that's understandable. And it's Shakespeare. I ♥ me my Shakespeare classes. And this time around, there aren't weekly papers, so I might not die so much.

ENGL 28903 The Literature of the Fantastic -- T/Th 09:00AM - 10:20AM
- There are not many classes I think I'd have been happy to get up at 8:00 in the morning for today. (The buses in the morning, omg. I should just leave at 8 if I want to get to campus by nine. Anyway...) There are also not many classes that would start with "How many of you are fluent in Russian? (five hands) Just learning Russian? (about ten hands) Okay. I am not sure what we will do about papers. I think we will have two, one fifth and one eighth week, if that is okay with you, talk to me after class if you want to write them." Freaking darn the girl who pointed out that usually papers weren't optional, we almost had optional papers. There also aren't many classes that would have then continued with a brief summary of Alchemy and the Masons, followed by a brief overview of what was meant by the Fantastic, littered with quotes from Poe and Oscar Wilde. This class is really all over the place. It's mainly listed as a Russian class, and about half of the texts are Russian, but we'll also be reading Poe and H.G. Wells. And, my professor's intriguing accent completely aside, I am utterly fascinated by this class. It's so pretentious. And yet so exactly what a class here should be without being "so UofC". And to think I was considering dropping it so I wouldn't have to wake up in the morning.
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