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([personal profile] evilhippo Oct. 5th, 2004 02:44 pm)
I really don't feel like going to the physics lab lecture today. It's not required.. and I went last year.. so hopefully it doesn't matter too much. I don't think much has changed. Except maybe they've let up a bit, because it definitely seems easier now. Or maybe I've just become smarter! Hehehe... yeah, sure.

I was so totally bored out of my mind in Physics today. Blasted lecture classes! I like them because I don't have to participate, but it's inhumane not to give people a bit of a break after an hour and a half. And the seats are so close together.. there's no leg room at all. So I fidget around and people stare at me... not fun. I did force myself to participate in Sosc today! Which is a big, important step. Of course, it's rather easier to participate when the class is talking about LoTR rather than what it's really supposed to be talking about. Actually, it was related because in the Republic there's a bit about a ring that makes you invisible, and whether or not a man with that ring would still be just, or seen as just. So I took the opportunity (as I am likely to do in other settings) to make obvious-yet-bizarre comparison between Sauron's Evil Eye and your conscience. Woo. Before that though, I did manage to stop myself from making comments along the lines of "Well, the government's view of "justice" depends on the people running it. I mean, suppose you have a coup and these two people manage to assassinate the guy in charge and then take over the government. They win, they don't get prosectued. They lose, the government kills them for treason." Which really isn't a bad comment... until you stop and think about how it's based totally on FMA... sort of. I mean, of course the Fuhrer would have killed Roy and Riza if they'd failed. And probably poor Havoc too. And see, that's where it would have gone after that, because I would have put that in as an example, only much more explained because people in my Sosc class don't watch FMA. There's also a guy named Fan Wang. His name constantly reminds me of Fei, and for some reason when I look at him I think of Ling. Maybe I should switch to a different section of Sosc...


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