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( Oct. 28th, 2006 05:48 pm)
Dearest Lunar,

I am reminded now why I really didn't like your subs. Whichever editor it is that thinks everything needs to be in slang needs to be bricked. It is seriously annoying. It's cool that the translator notices when things are in casual Japanese but holy. freaking. crap, mister/miss editor, please hold off on the random apostrophes and ain'ts until you know where they go. It just looks sloppy... and it annoys the crap out of me. Fansubs do not need to find new ways to annoy the crap out of me, because in the end it'll only drive me back to working for someone again in an attempt to fix it. Oh, and it adds nothing to the series to have it presented that way. I absolutely cannot decide whether I want to keep watching Ayakashi Ayashi because the subs are that bad. I mean, if you're gonna do something stylistic as an editor, you need to be conscious of what you're doing. And how stupid some lines sound when you mangle most of the words. And now I have no idea whether the stupid is the show's fault, or the subbers.

Freaking fansubs.

Pas d'amour,

And, to the world in general, anyone care to wean me off of my subtitling/translation/adaptation ideals? They seem to get in the way a lot, and at this rate if I don't haul myself off to start writing for TV, I'm going to end up trying to create some kind of über-pretentious fansub group for the purpose of eventually overthrowing the entire anime industry from the bottom up.
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( Oct. 4th, 2005 06:52 pm)
So like, I was sitting in class today doodling Hughes in the margins and not paying attention because like, who pays attention to class when you could be thinking about FMA? But I had to keep looking up and yelling "omg, FMA, where?" every time the professor said "transmutation of species" or "theory of homunculi." This is even better than last year in Physics when we discovered that F=ma! It's like, omg, FMA is real. Because, like, the truth about "evolution" is that there are tiny homunculi in the sperm¹, and when they're in the womb they soak up this fluid and unfold! So, obviously if you didn't put them in the mother, and just gave them food and water, they'd grow up into a real homunculus! I need to find a guy with sperm so we can try to grow Envy, and then I can love him every day and teach him to be nice! Oh! And did you know that a long time ago alchemy was real??

Arrrgh, fangirls. (No, I'm just kidding around, I'm not that bitter). You guys are just lucky that I'm not actually a fourteen year-old girl (or someone with the same vocal obsessive tendencies) because my Origin of Species professor's favourite verb is "transmute." And... well, I did spend an inordinate amount of time in class today tracing out what, exactly, the moral of my story would be if it had the semi-happy ending I was going to give it (which, amazingly, fell apart as soon as I applied logic to it, so no more completely happy ending). And Hughes was doodled in my margins... but it was Hughesmunculus, and really only the eyes and hair (because I can't draw, and I had to take a lot of notes). I am such a dork. I'm sorry. Though I think I've realized that the massive amount of theory piled on you here, in lieu of actual facts, is probably what drives me to write a lot while I'm in school. As I read over the things I've written, a lot of them are really a way of working out how to look at all these theories I'm given in a different setting. Probably the strangest use for fic ever, but hey... I can't deny that I wrote Plato's ideal city as the basis for Konoha. And I'm going to be writing stuff from Lyell into the fic I'm picking up again. Apparently this is just how I work.

All right... back to French homework with me. Arr.²

¹ Yes... the theory of development called "evolution" deals with homunculi (tiny, pre-formed beings), while "epigenesis" says they develop bit by bit (you get the tiny beating heart of a chick before it's actually a chick). How's that for confusion of terms? Oh, and evolution does not necessarily say that the filament containing the homunculus is in the sperm (there were a few that believed it to be in the egg, which they couldn't find until 1832 anyway), but for the most part these guys were male, and so naturally they took credit for creating life.³
² Actually, I'm not doing my French homework. Instead, I'm editing the crap out of this because I'm not in the mood for French right now at all, and I'm dreading the fact that I'm going to have another pile of reading tomorrow night. Oh crap, and I've got a quiz in French tomorrow, too. Crap. Crap. Fine, I'll go do my homework before my battery runs out and I have to go back into the living room where it's noisy.
³ This post is now informational as well as obnoxious!
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( Apr. 24th, 2005 08:31 pm)
Apparently I file funny workorders. Now I feel like I have to live up to my reputation, but it'll be obvious if I try too hard. In the end, I cut the line about how Tony's keyboard had consumed more vodka than I had, and played the underappreciated alliteration card. Mostly because joking about Tony's drinking habit can be seen as mean, whereas alliteration is wholesome family fun.

So, I guess I've just sort of not been around much this weekend. Aside from all the computer work (which will result in a rather nice paycheck in two weeks, methinks). It's been thoroughly boring around these parts, despite my hopes of finding something interesting to do. I was able to re-channel my ninja powers away from dreaming to snow enough to bring the temperature up above fifty here today (the snow yesterday was my fault; I had a dream about it. I apologize to everyone who was freezing yesterday because of my errant subconscious).

I've finally got work for Shinsen now! It's on a slow project, so I imagine a lot of my time will still be spent idling and being bored, but that's okay. At least I'm officially somewhere instead of floating around in freelance QC-dom. Though I'd like to smack whoever was QCing the the third episode of Ueki. They missed a lot of crap, including the fact that the editor switched from "null zai" to "blank talent" for no apparent reason. (I mean, come on. Null Zai sound so much classier). Doesn't it suck when, once you're used to looking for problems like that, you notice them everywhere? Actually, I've always noticed those things, but it's really the random timing problems that bother me now, because I was never looking for them before.

Anyway, in a roundabout way this brings me to the second half of my rambling on the spring season of anime. Sadly, unless I come back and edit this, there are no pictures this time. Though, the next person to post an inane annoying question in one of the groups I'm in is getting this screencap posted in the comments. Hehehe. So, on to the rambling on a slightly more optimistic-looking few weeks.

Spring Anime Part 2 )

P.S. Everything on the new Weezer album sounds the same. Kind of like the Green Album. Which, strangely, is still completely attached to the dirtbike racing game on the computer at home.
P.P.S. No, this album is not out yet. Nor am I sure how this person on iTunes got a hold of it.
I downloaded three of the new series last night... I've been downloading random things most of today (still looking for a series I haven't seen that I can watch the French fansubs of, because the one Gankutsuou one I saw was fun). Hopefully NSIT won't come crashing down on my badwidth hoggage. I knew from the start that, from my 20-year old plot-loving female standpoint things were not looking too great for this season. FMA is long over, Gankutsou and Samurai Champloo have both ended. (Okay, Samurai Champloo had no plot. But darnit it was good at it!) In search of my anime fix... I pretty much downloaded everything that had decent-looking art from l33t-raws. This was, of course, not exactly the greatest idea since I cannot speak Japanese. I can probably understand basic sentences... but that's about it. Also, none of these series look interesting. However, in support of impartial journalism, I bring you my impressions of all three. The plus side? High-quality raws means pretty pictures! Unfortunately, that also means anyone on dial-up is DOOMED, because there is slightly less than 10MB of pictures in this entry. I couldn't be bothered to size them down. Also, this entry is rated PG-13. Or.. what is it now? K+.

Law of Ueki )

Eramentar Gerad )

Ichigo 100% )

And now you see why I feel like this season is hopeless. Le sigh. Perhaps I will have to take most of this back when I actually get to watch the subs... (which would be nice, because then I'd have stuff to watch...) At the least though, I hope I was amusing! Bwahahaha.
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( Feb. 14th, 2005 04:33 pm)
I got really bored... And lately, when I get bored, I end up doing strange things with Paint.NET and somesuch. Like these:

Cut for pictures, yay! )

I write this off as some sort of practice for all those jobs that require some sort of competance with Photoshop. I figure if I'm competant with things that aren't as all-powerful as Photoshop, I should be able to survive, non?


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