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I just wanted to get something down tonight so I can mull it over tomorrow. Suggestions would be fantastic, especially from anyone with a clue about what a lesson plan is really supposed to look like. It just seems too... simple.

Lesson Plan Title: Out and About with Prepositions

Concept / Topic To Teach: Prepositions
Age Level: 6-8 years
Time: About 30 minutes

General Goals:
1) Recognition of simple prepositions.
2) Constructing sentences using prepositions.
3) Vocabulary review.

Required Materials: Paper, markers/colored pencils, whiteboard and dry-erase markers.

Procedures: Begin with an overview of the prepositions that will be covered by writing them on the dry-erase board and reading them with the class. Give the definition of a preposition, and ask for any other prepositions the students may know.

Draw an object on the board that students will be able to identify, and which can easily have objects added under, into, around, etc. Going through the list of prepositions, ask students for things that can be put into the picture for each preposition. Answers can be phrased in simple sentences, such as "A cat is in the tree," or "A boy is behind the tree." If students are stumped I plan to make use of this pun, goshdarnit, make suggestions for objects and ask where they can be or what they can do near the tree.

After each preposition on the board has been placed in the picture at least once, have each student think of a preposition and an object and draw their own scene.

Evaluation: Students are encouraged to share their drawings with the rest of the class.

Blargh, education.


Decent, simple prepositions:

*Perhaps too wonky to explain properly. Also needed: simple definition of how a preposition works. I was going to sing the "over, under, around and through" song, but I'm a terrible singer, and it's more complicated than just singing "over, under, around and through."

Banned words:
Fiddly bits.

Also, I must not mourn the fact that I've lost the use of my oxford comma because apparently no surveyors in Illinois use them in their legal descriptions. /cry


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