1) This is adorable: • He cherishes family dinner in the White House, where "thorns and roses" is now the favorite family game. Each family member describes the day's highlight, or rose, and the day's worst moment, the thorn. We were told after describing one particularly challenging day at the White House, Malia Obama had this to say to her father the president: "You have a really thorny job."

2) Today's Thorn: CITI'S VOLUNTARY MORATORIUM IS FAKE. I was given the go-ahead today to proceed with pretty much everything, even though most of the people working for Citi haven't been told about this. This now pretty much makes completely FUBARing my department the only purpose of this publicity-stunt moratorium crap.

Today's Rose: Walking down Division St. and then Chicago Ave. for several miles in search of a bakery I had passed once, in the hopes of finding some пампушки (pampushky, or, basically, eastern European jelly donuts made for Fat Tuesday. They're so much better than jelly donuts. Also, rose jelly filling. That is all). Also, the fact that I was the only one in the bakery that had to order in English. I love Chicago's neighborhoods.


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